Harphoul Mohini 14th November 2022 Written Update: Devi impresses Maai 

Harphoul Mohini 14th November 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Devi says that it’s a big house and she has many places to hide. She notices Harveer’s photo. She asks Maai about Harveer. Maai informs her about Harveer. Devi asks her that why Harphoul don’t have mustache like Harveer. She assures him in her mind that everything will be fine so he need not to worry about anything. She tells Maai that she like Harveer. Maai asks her that what the latter wants to eat. Devi tells her that she just want milk. She asks her to give milk before Harphoul comes. Harphoul hears everything. Maai notices him and asks him to bring milk for Devi. He recalls that how Devi drank 10 glasses of milk. He tells her that Devi drank 10 glasses of milk today morning only. She scolds him saying that how can a small kid drink 10 glasses of milk. She orders him to bring milk from the kitchen. 

Harphoul enters the kitchen. Mohini asks him to take warm milk. He says that Devi’s actions are like devil. She asks him that if he think she will let anyone harm her family. He tells her that he trust her but he don’t trust Devi. She tells him that she trust Devi and Devi is her responsibility. She gives milk glass to him. He gives milk glass to Devi. Devi drinks it. Santok brings Saraswati there. Saraswati goes to Devi. Devi plays with Saraswati. Maai says that first time Saraswati playing with someone else than Harphoul. She wonders that why Harphoul looks tensed. 

Later, Shalini scolds Devi for breaking the mixer. Maai tells her that she will repair the mixer and goes inside. Balwant calls Shalini and asks her about Devi. Shalini tells him everything. He asks her to keep an eye on Devi because Mohini returned with Devi and disconnects the call. He thinks that police must be on the way. 

Devi asks Shalini to play hide and seek with her. She says that Shalini can keep eye on her if she won then. Shalini asks her to stay away from her and leaves from there. Mohini takes Devi to her room. She notices Muskaan plant. Devi makes flower blossom in the plant using power. She says that she and her mother likes flower. Mohini thanks her. Devi notices Harphoul’s medals.

Mohini recalls the moments she shared with Harphoul. Devi tells her that pillow is so soft. She asks her that why the latter is not smiling. She tells her to smile. Harphoul comes there. He tells Mohini that Devi can’t stay in his room. Mohini reminds him that this is her room too and Devi will stay there. She says that she will leave the room if Devi can’t stay then. He tells her that he can’t leave her alone with Devi especially at night. He leaves the room angrily. Shalini overhears their conversation. 

Episode ends. 

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