Harphoul Mohini 14th September 2022 Written Update: SP brings search warrant to search Balwant’s house

Harphoul Mohini 14th September 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Balwant gets shocked seeing cops there. SP Venkat Krishna introduces himself to Balwant. Mohini tells him that Balwant stole dispensary funds. She says that Balwant even set fire on the dispensary. Harphoul says that Mohini is right. Balwant mocks Harphoul for supporting Mohini. Mohini stops Harphoul from reacting. She tells him that this is what Balwant wants. Balwant says that Mohini is really smart. He asks Harphoul to become like Mohini. He tells SP that he can understand that the latter came to arrest him for Mohini’s sake.

He says that he knows SP doing this because he is also south indian like Mohini. He asks him that if the latter has any proof against him. They remains silent. He says that they would have thought about proof. He moves police jeep aside. He gets in his car and leaves from there. He calls Banwari. He asks him that if the latter finished the job. Banwari tells him that work is done. Balwant returns and he dances in front Harphoul and Mohini. SP says that he needs eight hours to get search warrant.

Later, Villagers gathers in Maai’s house for Matarani’s Jagrata. Ganga tells Maai that she is glad that the latter kept Matarani’s Jagrata in her house. Harphoul gets mesmerized seeing Mohini. Everyone chants mantras for Matarani. Harphoul and Mohini puts chunri on Matarani’s idol. They prays to God. She tells him that she talked to SP. She says that SP will reach Balwant house in an hour.

Meanwhile SP and his team leaves from police station. On the other hand, Balwant gets ready. Devyani compliments him. Balwant asks Painter to make his portrait. He gives instructions to him. Matarani’s Jagrata begins at Maai house. Everyone sings and they starts dancing too.

SP and his team reaches Balwant’s house. Devyani gets confused seeing them. Balwant tells SP if the latter did not act like that at morning then now he would not came to apologize to him. SP orders his team to search Balwant’s house. He asks them to begin from Balwant’s room. He shows search warrant to him. Balwant tells him that he appreciate his courage. He says that they won’t get anything. Cops starts searching the house. But they finds nothing. Balwant mocks SP. Sharda offers laddu to SP. She asks him to not refuse. He takes laddu from her and leaves the house. Balwant smriks.

Mohini tells Harphoul that SP did not call or message her yet. She wonders that if SP got anything against Balwant. Harphoul asks her to believe the God. He says that he is sure that SP will find proof against Balwant. SP breaks the laddu in tension. He reads the chit which stats that secret has been hided in the mud. He notices Sharda through his jeep mirror. SP and his team returns. SP gets ready to dig the mud. Balwant warns him to not touch the mud because that’s very precious for him. SP mocks him.

Episode ends.

Precap – SP arrests Balwant. Balwant tells Maai that he will return to kill Harphoul.

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