Harphoul Mohini 15th September 2022 Written Update: SP finds proof against Balwant

Harphoul Mohini 15th September 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Balli yells at SP for accusing Balwant. SP slaps Balli. He orders his team to dig the mud. On the other hand, Meenu drops camphor in the vermilion bowl. Harphoul and Mohini searches it and they finds it. Maai gets relieved seeing that. Meanwhile, SP starts digging the mud with his team. Balwant gets nervous seeing that. SP finds documents. Sharda gets relieved seeing that. Balwant glares Banwari. Banwari looks down. SP questions Balwant. He says that it has been proved that Balwant stole dispensary funds. He tells him that now no one can stop him from arresting him.

Balwant goes inside the house. He looks at his portrait. He tries to call someone but SP snatches the phone from him. He says that SP can’t behave like this just because SP found proof against him. SP tells him that he will show his real house to him today. Balwant asks him that if the latter don’t worry about his family. He tries to push him and he slips and black colour painting falls on his face. SP handcuffs him. He calls Mohini. Balli and other goons breaks the mirror of police jeep. SP fires bullet on the air. Balli tells him that they won’t let him take Balwant from there. Balwant’s goons lays down on the floor. SP orders his team to move them.

Harphoul comes there playing drums. Maai and other ladies claps. Harphoul says that today Balwant will end up in jail for sure. He starts dancing. His friends joins him. Mohini stops Harphoul. SP drags Balwant from there. Harphoul tells Balwant that he and Mohini won. He starts dancing again. Balwant recalls that how he danced in front of Harphoul. Balwant tells Maai that he won’t end up in jail permanently. He says that he will return to kill Harphoul. Maai gets worried hearing him.

Everyone notices that Balwant’s goons blocked the road by putting big stones there. Harphoul and his friends clears the road. Cops helps them. Mohini and Shalini smiles seeing that. SP takes Balwant from there. Harphoul and Mohini smiles at each other. Balwant thinks that he will ruin Harphoul’s family for sure.

Later, Meenu tells Mohini that Harphoul looks happy around Mohini. Harphoul and his friends talks about Balwant’s arrest. Sundar and Meenu talks about strong and weak. Harphoul tells Mohini that mens are stronger than ladies. They tries to prove that they are stronger than other person. Mohini’s pallu falls down and she is about to slip. But Harphoul picks the pallu and puts it on her head. She closes the button of his shirt. They glances each other while doing work. Shalini makes Harphoul pick lot of pillows. Mohini smiles seeing that. After some time, Harphoul dances. He recalls the moments he shared with Mohini. Mohini dances in her room.

Episode ends.

Precap – Meenu tells Mohini that the latter can find out that she is in love or not. Other side, Abhimanyu tells Harphoul to tell Mohini that the latter married Mohini for land.

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