Harphoul Mohini 16th September 2022 Written Update: Harphoul decides to hide the truth from Mohini

Harphoul Mohini 16th September 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Meenu teases Mohini saying that the latter is in love. Mohini tells her that she is happy because police arrested Balwant. Maai gets worried thinking about Balwant’s threat. She wonders that what if Balwant harms Harphoul and Mohini after his release. She asks God to protect Harphoul and Mohini. On the other hand, SP puts Balwant behind the bars. Balwant asks SP to take care of his family. He thinks that he will ruin Maai’s family.

Harphoul’s friends teases Harphoul. Harphoul tells his friends that he gets excited when he sees Mohini. They says that he is in love. Meenu tells Mohini that if the latter gets excited to stay with Harphoul then Mohini is in love with him. She says that Mohini can fight against anyone for Harphoul. She says that Mohini should get affected with Harphoul’s absence.

Harphoul’s friends tells the same love signs to Harphoul. Abhimanyu tells Harphoul that his land made him meet Mohini. He tells him that lie should not exist in any relationship. He asks him to tell Mohini that the latter married her for land. Harphoul asks him that if the latter is mad. He tells them that they can’t tell about it to Mohini. He says that everything going well now only and he is going to get his land too. He says that he don’t want to break Mohini’s heart by revealing the truth to her. They nods at him.

Later, Harphoul thinks that he has to find out that he likes to spend time with Mohini or not. Mohini thinks that she has to spend time with Harphoul. She goes out. She learns that mosquitoes biting Harphoul. She tells him that she will do something. He tells her that mosquitoes will bite him no matter what. She tells him that he can’t sleep outside. He says that he can’t wake Maai up at this time. She tells him that they have only one option. She says that he can sleep in their room if he don’t have any problem then. He gets happy hearing her. They enters the room.

Maai smiles seeing them. She looks at Harveer’s photo. She hallucinates Harveer. Harveer tells her that Harphoul and Mohini will start their family. She smiles hearing him. She hallucinates Balwant too. Balwant tells her that Harphoul and Mohini will get separated. She gets worried hearing him. She asks God to protect Harphoul and Mohini’s relationship. She says that she will fight against everyone for Harphoul and Mohini. She adds that she won’t let them separate.

Harphoul asks Mohini that if she is not sleepy. She tells him that she is sleepy. He lays down on the bed. He screams. She asks him that what happened. He shows her earring to him. She apologizes to him and she puts her earring on the table. They lays down on the bed. They glances each other. They confirms the first sign of love. They falls asleep.

Next day, Maai tells Harphoul that Mohini cooking today. She sends Harphoul to wash his hands. Meenu calls Mohini and tells her that everyone waiting for her in the kitty party. Mohini leaves for kitty party. Harphoul learns that Mohini left for Meenu’s house. He thinks that this is the right chance to know that Mohini’s absence affects him or not.

Episode ends.

Precap – Harphoul and Mohini getting close to each other.

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