Harphoul Mohini 19th September 2022 Written Update: Mohini and Harphoul tests second sign of love

Harphoul Mohini 19th September 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Mohini thinks that she has to find out that she will miss Harohul or not. Harphoul thinks that this is the right chance to test the second sign of love. On the other hand, SP asks Balwant that how the latter feeling after spending a night in the police station. Balwant laughs at him. He tells him that even his mother failed to understand him. He says that he don’t fear for anything because he makes sure that his enemies suffers more than him. He tells him that he will enjoy to play with him. SP tells him that the latter can’t make other people suffer. He tells him to learn to suffer and leaves from there.


In the kitty party, Mohini wins the first round. She gets Harphoul’s favourite soap as gift. She hears a bike sound and goes near window to see it. She enjoys in the kitty party. She feels Harphoul’s presence while playing with other ladies. In the market, Harphoul hallucinates Mohini again and again. He returns to house. Santok and Maai laughs at him. Santok asks Harphoul that if the latter is fine. Harphoul nods at him and goes inside.

Meenu shows the childhood photo of Sundar and Harphoul to Mohini. She asks her to find out that who is Harphoul. Mohini finds out correctly. Meenu tells other ladies that Mohini is right. Mohini hallucinates Harphoul. She thinks that everyone enjoying so much but she is missing Harphoul so much. She tells herself that second sign of love has been tested too. She decides to return to house to know about Harphoul’s feelings.

Harphoul tells himself that he is missing Mohini so much. They calls each other at the same time. Mohini tells Meenu that she has to return to house. Meenu nods at her. Devyani and Ragini comes there. Devyani asks Mohini that if the latter celebrating Balwant’s arrest like this. Meenu asks her to enjoy the party instead of fighting. Ragini notices the food which Mohini made. Devyani mocks Malayalis. Mohini defends them. She talks about Balwant and his wrongdoing. Other ladies supports Mohini. Ragini asks them that who can run the dispensary. Meenu asks Mohini to run the dispensary. Mohini says that she will think about it and leaves from there.

Balwant’s mens brings Balwant’s chair to cell. Banwari asks Balwant to wash his face. Balwant tells him that he has to separate Harphoul and Mohini. Harphoul tells himself that he tested two signs of love. He searches Mohini. Mohini meets SP. SP tells her that he is planning to make a kabadi team.

Devyani serves food to Balwant. She tells him that Harphoul and Mohini getting close to each other. She informs him that village ladies asking Mohini to run the dispensary. SP drops Mohini in her house. Harphoul learns that Mohini left from Meenu’s house. He buys coffee packet for Mohini. Devyani meets him. Later, Harphoul enters his house. Mohini notices bangles and flowers. She says that they are so beautiful. He throws them away which shocks everyone.

Episode ends.

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