Harphoul Mohini 24th November 2022 Written Update: Devyani fails to kidnap Devi

Harphoul Mohini 24th November 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Mohini gets surprised seeing Harphoul in village fair. Harphoul tells her that he came to help her because there is so much crowd. Devyani notices Harphoul and she asks Shalini to send Harphoul from there. Shalini notices flower guy. She sends him to Harphoul and Mohini. Harphoul is about to buy flower for Mohini, but Mohini stops him.

Shalini asks Mohini to buy flower. Devi tells Mohini to buy flower and click photo with Harphoul. Shalini asks Mohini to go saying that she will handle kids. She sees Devyani selling ballons. She sends kids to Devyani. Devi sees balloons. Devyani covers her with blanket and takes her from there. She asks her to not say anything because they are playing a game.

Harphoul asks Mohini that what’s happening in their life. Mohini tells him that everything happening as per God’s wish. She tells him that they should take photo because Devi wanted their photo. He tells her that he will click photo with her if she wants. He says that he won’t do anything for Devi.

Devyani notices that she kidnapped the wrong person. Boy starts screaming. She tells him that she was just playing with him. He pushes her and runs from there. She notices that Devi is playing. She wonders that how she took the wrong kid. Shalini tells Mohini that she is hungry. She takes her and Harphoul to chaat shop.

Devyani gives lollipop to kids. She ruins Devi’s dress deliberately. She takes her to wash her dress. She kidnaps her. She realises that she kidnapped that boy again. Shalini scolds Devyani for not kidnapping Devi yet. Devyani thinks that she don’t have much time and if she don’t kidnap Devi then Balwant will kill her. Balwant reaches village fair.

Devi hears a music. She dances with other kids. Shalini acts like fainting. Mohini and Harphoul takes Shalini aside. Mohini asks Shalini to take a deep breathe. Devyani dances with Devi and kidnaps her. She calls Balwant and tells him that she kidnapped Devi. Balwant meets Devyani. He says that he waited a lot for this moment. He gets shocked seeing a boy. He scolds Devyani. Boy asks Devyani that if she want to adopt him and runs from there. Balwant scolds Devyani. He threatens to kill her if she won’t bring Devi then.

Later, Balwant gets shocked seeing Devi in his palace. He sees her playing. Devi asks him to play with her. He tells her that he is devil so she can’t scare him. He says that he killed many girls. She tells him that nothing will happen to her because she did nothing wrong. She says that devils will be punished for their crimes. She tells him that he will get to know everything.

Episode ends.

Precap – Balwant says that he won’t lose against a girl. He gets attacked.

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