Harphoul Mohini 30th September 2022 Written Update: Balwant gets out of jail 

Harphoul Mohini 30th September 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Harphoul pretends like sleeping. He chants hanuman chalisa. Mohini asks him that what is he doing. He lies to her that he is praying for tomorrow’s match. On the other hand, Bhai ji tells Balwant that he can get him out of the jail tomorrow but the latter has to prove his worth. He asks him that if the latter can make Mohini leave the village. He informs him about kabadi match. Balwant tells him that Mohini will end her relationship with Harphoul and then she won’t have any reason to stay in the village. 

Next day, Santok makes kabadi team exercise. Harphoul scolds his friend for not exercising properly. He tells him that they have to win against SP. Santok motivates everyone. They drinks water during break time. Santok tells them to have trust when playing. He says that mental strength needed to win the match. He says that just physical strength is not enough. 

Later, Harphoul comes out wearing jersey. Mohini wipes his wet hair. He asks her that how is he looking in the jersey. She compliments him. He talks about yesterday night. She tells him that they will talk about it later. She feeds curd with sugar to him. He tells her that he will win today match for sure. He talks about their diwali celebration. She tells him that it will be their first diwali together. He tells her that he planned to celebrate in special way. She asks him that what if he fights with her on diwali day. He shook his head. She ties black thread on his hand. They decides to test the third sign of love. 

Maai comes there. She asks Harphoul to not lose his cool when playing. Mohini goes inside. Maai says that sometimes it’s necessary to lose in love. She feeds curd with sugar to Santok. Santok says that he feels like he achieved something today. He says that they will win today match for sure. He takes Harphoul with him. Mohini learns that Harphoul left. She tells Maai that she made snack for Harphoul. Maai asks her to give Harphoul during break time. Mohini leaves from there. Maai tells God that Harphoul and Mohini love each other. She asks him to protect them and their love. Meanwhile, Balwant gets out of jail. 

In the kabadi match venue, host welcomes everyone. He announces Harphoul and SP’s teams. Villagers cheers for Harphoul. SP wins the toss. He shows thumbs up to Mohini. Harphoul notices that. SP tells Harphoul to not cry after losing. Harphoul tells him that he never lost till now. 

Balwant’s men and Devyani welcomes Balwant. Banwari feeds sweet to Balwant. Bhai ji comes there. Balwant thanks him. He hugs him. Bhai ji tells him that he want to see Harphoul and Mohini’s downfall. Balwant tells him to see what happens once the kabadi match gets over. 

Episode ends. 

Precap  – Balwant says that game started with mud and it will end with mud. Other side, Harphoul falls down. 

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