Harphoul Mohini 4th November 2022 Written Update: Divine power protects Mohini from Villagers

Harphoul Mohini 4th November 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Balwant’s men pours petrol on Mohini. They set fire on her. But divine power protects her. Harphoul comes there. Villagers stops him from going to Mohini. Harphoul asks them to leave him. Mohini notices that fire did not reach her. She wonders that how she is safe. Villagers and Harphoul also gets surprised seeing that. Mohini walks out of the fire safely. Harphoul hugs her. Villagers says that magic happened that’s why Mohini is safe.

Later, Balwant tells Villagers that this kind of thing never happened before. He says that evil soul entered their village. He says that he is thinking good for this village but no one understanding him. He asks them that how can Mohini get 4 months pregnant in 4 days. He says that evil soul living in Mohini’s body. He says that they have to kill Mohini before she kills them. Everyone takes wooden stick and goes to Harphoul’s house. They knocks the door.

Maai sees everything through window. They asks Harphoul to send Mohini with them. They says that they can’t let evil soul live in their village. Harphoul asks them that if they are mad. Maai asks him to not go outside because they are ready to kill. Shalini says that they should let Mohini go. She says that it’s about their life. Santok scolds her.

Villagers asks that how can one get 4 months pregnant in 4 days. Harphoul scolds them. Villagers breaks the door and barges into the house. Santok falls down. Harphoul tries to stop them. Village ladies holds Maai and Shalini. Mohini asks them to leave her family. Ragini tells Mohini that everyone will die because of the latter. Villagers threatens to shoot Harphoul. Ragini asks Mohini to come with them.

Mohini starts walking towards the door. Harphoul and Santok asks her to not go. Mohini leaves the house. Villagers gets ready to beat her with stones. Maai and Shalini sees everything through window. Mohini gets scared seeing Villagers with stones. Harphoul comes out of the house. But Villagers catches him. Balwant says that today Mohini can’t escape. He throws stone at Mohini. Villagers also throws stone at Mohini. But divine power protects her again. Villagers gets beaten up by stones. Everyone gets shocked seeing that.

Harphoul takes Mohini from there in his bike. He tells her that she is not safe to live in Nakroli. He says that he will take her to Kerala. Balwant notices that. He asks Balli to start the car. After some time, Harphoul reaches the railway station with Mohini. He sees Balwant’s men there. He hides with Mohini. Balli orders his team to search Mohini. He says that Mohini should not escape today.

Episode ends.

Precap – Mohini asks God that how can she give birth to watermelon. She tells God that she is not understanding that what’s happening with her. Watermelon gets broken and a girl child comes out of it.

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