Harphoul Mohini 5th August 2022 Written Update: Mohini fails to save Susheela’s baby

Harphoul Mohini 5th August 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Mohini enters Susheela’s house with Harphoul’s help. Susheela asks Mohini to save the child. Mohini says that Susheela’s bleed pressure is low. She asks Harphoul to bring an ambulance as soon as possible. Ragini says that no one will touch the baby if Mohini helped in Susheela’s delivery then. Devyani asks others ladies to break the gate. She says that they have to teach a lesson to Mohini. Abhimanyu comes there and asks Harphoul that what happened. Harphoul asks him to bring ambulance. Mohini tells Susheela that she will take care of everything. Harphoul tells Mohini that ambulance will come in 15 minutes.

Balwant asks Banwari that why Mohini cares about Susheela’s baby. Banwari says that Mohini want to become a heroin in front of village people. Balwant says that he will become villain today. He adds that, that baby has to die today, then they shall put the blame on Mohini. Sharda overhears their conversation.

Mohini asks Susheela about the latter’s blood group. Susheela tells her that she don’t know it. Mohini finds Susheela’s medical report and learns the blood group of Susheela. She donates blood to her. Sharda says that Mohini risking her life to save two lives so she can show courage little bit. She calls Maai and tells her to inform Harphoul that ambulance won’t come to their village.

Village ladies breaks the gate. Harphoul threatens the ladies to not try to enter the house. Devyani asks Harphoul to move. Abhimanyu tells Harphoul that it will take time for ambulance to reach there. Harphoul thinks that he has to find a way to stop these ladies. He asks them that if they thinks his blood is not pure and they will become impure if they touch his blood. They nods at him. He cuts his hand and makes a line with his blood. He moves towards them and asks them to touch him. They moves backward. He asks Abhimanyu to make a video and seeing that Panchayat will boycott these people too. He tells Mohini that he will bring ambulance somehow and leaves from there. Abhimanyu stands in front of Susheela’s house with phone.

Balwant orders his mens to dig the roads of their village. Sharda asks God to help Harphoul and Mohini. Harphoul calls ambulance driver and asks him to come through forest. Devyani asks ladies to bring water. They washes Harphoul’s blood. Devyani says that Mohini should not do Susheela’s delivery at any cost. Those ladies asks to open the door. Harphoul brings ambulance there. Susheela screams and faints. Mohini comes out with baby girl’s dead body. Harphoul gets shocked seeing that.

Balwant throws slippers at his mens. He asks them that how Harphoul got to know that he stopped the ambulance. Village ladies says that it’s good that the baby died. They says that Susheela is unlucky to give a birth to a baby girl. Mohini asks them that how can they say like that. She says that they don’t deserve that baby girl. She adds that she is glad the baby girl died because they would have made her life hell. She asks them that who are they to decide a person’s death.

Episode ends.

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