Harphoul Mohini 7th November 2022 Written Update: Mohini gives birth to a watermelon

Harphoul Mohini 7th November 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Harphoul reaches near village. He takes Mohini to one house and asks the couple to let him and Mohini stay there for few days. He informs them that his wife is pregnant. Wife tells him that they are poor. She notices Mohini’s gold jewels. She tells Harphoul and Mohini that seems like their life is in danger and Mohini’s jewels can’t be precious than their life. Mohini gives her jewels to her. Wife gets happy seeing the jewels.

Harphoul and Mohini enters the house. She lays down on the bed. He asks her to take rest. He gets food and milk from Wife. He gives milk to Mohini. She drinks it. She says that she got pregnant 5 days back but she looks like 5 months pregnant lady. She asks him that don’t he think that this is weird. He tells her that he is not understanding anything but everything happening as per God’s will. He says that he won’t leave Mohini no matter what. He asks her to not think about anything and take rest. She falls asleep.

Two says later, Mohini wakes up in the middle of the night. She asks water from Harphoul. He gives water to her. He notices that she has fever. He puts warm clothe on her head. He falls asleep beside her. Divine power wakes her up. Goddess tells Mohini that she choosed her to protect her family and the society. She says that only a women has strength to kill evil souls. She tells her that the latter has to protect innocent people from evil souls using the divine power which Mohini got. Wife tells Husband that Harphoul and Mohini staying there for two days and don’t know when they will leave. Mohini hears that.

Next day, Balwant tells Santok that the latter know he can stoop any low. He asks him to follow his instructions if the latter want to see Maai alive then. Balwant’s men points a gun at Maai. Santok asks Harphoul to return saying that Maai is not well. Balwant asks Harphoul to return with Mohini. He says that he will give 5 lakhs rupees to the person who brings Harphoul and Mohini. He records everything. Villagers gets the recording.

On the other hand, Mohini says that she is already 8 months pregnant when she got pregnant 8 days back only. She asks God that what’s happening with her and she cries. Harphoul consoles her. Later, Wife and Husband watches the recording of Balwant and Santok. She tells him that they can get 5 lakhs rupees. He tells her that something is fishy because Mohini’s belly became big in 3 days. She tells him that that’s not matter for them. She says that she just wants money. She calls Balwant and tells him about Harphoul and Mohini.

After some time, Balwant’s men reaches the house where Mohini and Harphoul were staying. They realises that Mohini and Harphoul escaped. They chases them. Balli hits Harphoul from behind. Mohini escapes from there. They searches Mohini. Mohini realises that it’s her delivery time. Balwant’s men runs from there seeing sher. Mohini gives a birth to a watermelon. Meanwhile, Balwant fell off his chair. Mohini notices that she gave a birth to a watermelon and she faints.

Episode ends.

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