Harphoul Mohini Weekly Update: Balwant fails to frame Harphoul.

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This week Harphoul Mohini begins with Harphoul enters the room to rescue Mohini. Mohini notices the dispensary board there. She realises that they are inside the dispensary and she tells about it to Harphoul. Her leg gets stuck so she asks him to leave. But he refuse to abandon her.


She pushes him when fan is about to fall on her. Other side, Villagers accuses Harphoul. Maai defends Harphoul. Balwant accuses Harphoul indirectly. Devyani says that Harphoul should not have killed Mohini. Maai scolds her. Harphoul brings the unconscious Mohini there. Balwant says that Harphoul killed Mohini.

Harphoul informs Maai about fire accident. Mohini regains her consciousness which shocks Balwant. Harphoul’s friends brings the dispensary board. Balwant pretends like he don’t know anything about dispensary. He says that he will find out the truth of dispensary. He tells Harphoul and Mohini to take rest.

Later, Harphoul washes Mohini’s face. Mohini recalls the moments they shared with each other in the dispensary. Maai gives haldi milk to them. She thanks God for saving Harphoul and Mohini. Meanwhile, Balwant yells at Banwari and Balli.

He tells them to make sure that Villagers forget about dispensary. Sharda worries that how she is going to find news about Manohar. Next day, Harphoul talks to Shalini assuming her as Mohini. Mohini decides to ask Harphoul that what he thinks about her.

Shalini and Harphoul’s friends teases Mohini and Harphoul. Maai advices them to not fight. She says that she wants a grandchild and that’s her last wish. Harphoul tells her that he would like to stay away from Mohini.

After some time, Mohini asks Harphoul about his feelings for her. He avoids her questions. She tells herself that she knows that he also felt like her but he has to accept it.

Maai suggests to keep Matarani’s Jagrata in their house. She tells Mohini to prepare for it which upsets Shalini. Mohini tells her family that Balwant still getting dispensary funds from government. Maai says that they don’t have any proof against him.

They learns that Balwant is behind the fire accident. Maai and Harphoul gets angry. Mohini tells them that violence won’t solve the problem. She tells her plan to them. Later, Balwant goes to meet informer.

Mohini tells Balwant that he closed the dispensary but still receiving dispensary funds from government. Balwant says that he can even kill them in this abandoned place. Police comes there. Balwant got shocked seeing police there.

SP introduces himself to Balwant. Mohini tells him that Balwant stole dispensary funds and set off fire on the dispensary building. Balwant asks them to bring proof against him to arrest him. He tells Banwari to do something.

Later, Villagers gathers in Maai’s house for Matarani’s Jagrata. Harphoul and Mohini put ‘chunri’ on Matarani’s idol. They begins the Jagrata. Mohini informs Harphoul that SP got search warrant to search Balwant’s house. Meanwhile, Balwant gets ready.

He tells painter to make his portrait. SP and his team reaches Balwant house. SP shows search warrant to Balwant. He orders his team to search the house. Balwant praises the courage of SP. Police finds nothing. Balwant taunts SP.

Sharda offers laddu to SP. Mohini tells Harphoul that SP did not call her yet. She wonders that if SP got anything against Balwant. Harphoul asks her to trust the God. He tells her that he is sure that SP will find proof against Balwant.

SP breaks the laddu in tension. He reads the chit which stats that secret has been hided inside the mud. He notices Sharda through his jeep mirror. He returns and he gets ready to dig the mud. Balwant opposes him. SP finds proofs against Balwant. Balwant tries to call someone but SP snatches the phone from him.

Balwant asks him that if the latter don’t worry about his family. SP tells him that he will show his real house to him today. He handcuffs him. He drags him from there. Balli and other people breaks the mirror of police jeep.

Balli tells SP that they won’t let Police take Balwant from there. Harphoul comes there playing drum. He dances in front of Balwant to annoy him. Balwant tells Maai that he will return to kill Harphoul.

Balwant’s mens blocks the road with stones. Harphoul and his friends clears the road. SP takes Balwant from there. Balwant thinks that he will ruin Harphoul’s family for sure.

Later, Meenu tells Mohini that Harphoul looks happy when he is around Mohini. Harphoul and his friends discusses about Balwant’s arrest. Mohini and Harphoul argues that who is stronger in between ladies and mens. They glances each other when doing work. They helps each other.

Later, Harphoul recalls the moments he shared with Mohini. Mohini dances in her room. Meenu sees that. She teases her saying that Mohini is in love. But Mohini opposes her. Meenu tells her about three love signs to confirm that if the latter is in love or not.

Harphoul tells his friends that he gets excited seeing Mohini. His friends tells him about love signs. Abhimanyu tells Harphoul to tell Mohini that the latter married her to save his land. Harphoul tells him that he can’t break Mohini’s heart by revealing the truth. He asks them to not tell the truth to Mohini.

Maai gets worried thinking about Balwant’s threat. She asks God to protect Harphoul and Mohini’s relationship. SP puts Balwant behind bars. Harphoul and Mohini wants to spend time with each other to test the first sign of love. Mohini learns that mosquitoes biting Harphoul so she tells him to sleep in the room.

He gets happy hearing her. They sleeps on the bed. Maai hallucinates Harveer and Balwant. She tells herself that she won’t let Harphoul and Mohini get separated. Next day, Mohini cooks and leaves for kitty party without seeing Harphoul.

Harphoul learns that Mohini left to Meenu’s house. He thinks that this is the right chance to know that Mohini’s absence affects him or not.

In the upcoming episode, One side, Harphoul and Mohini getting close to each other. Other side, Balwant oaths to separate Harphoul and Mohini.

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