Harphoul Mohini Weekly Update: Balwant swears to revenge against Mohini.

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This week Harphoul Mohini begins with Mohini and her family performs last rites of Susheela’s baby girl. Maai cries saying that she also lost her baby girl. Mohini consoles her. Other side, Balwant talks to his father’s photo. He tells him that only he is following the latter’s instructions.

He feels bad that Susheela did not die with her baby. He says that he won’t let anyone change his village. He asks Devyani to celebrate Susheela’s baby girl death. Meanwhile, Maai tells her family, her father in law got to know that she was pregnant with baby girl.

So he aborted her baby when Harveer was out of the village. Harphoul and Santok talks that how good it would have been if their sister was alive then. Mohini says that they can grow plant on behalf of their sister. She brings a plant. Maai gets emotional seeing that. Mohini tries to cheer up an upset Harphoul.

After two days, Maai faints because her sugar level decreased. Harphoul goes to sweet shop. But shop owner refuses to give sweet to Harphoul. He beat Banwari and his men up. Mohini tells Harphoul that she found sugarcane in their house. They gives sugarcane juice to Maai. Maai opens her eyes.

Everyone gets relieved seeing that. Abhimanyu comes there with his parents. He says that they brought milk. Balwant’s men burns Abhimanyu’s shop for helping Harphoul. Abhimanyu tells them that he won’t stop supporting Harphoul.

Balwant feels dizzy because his sugar level increased. Harphoul consoles Abhimanyu’s parents. Balwant’s servant asks about insulin from Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu tells him that Balwant’s men burnt insulin too.

After some time, Mohini tells her family that she has insulin. She says that Balwant may go to coma if he did not inject insulin within 3 hours then. Santok recalls that how he lost his leg because of Balwant. Banwari says that Doctor is not picking the call. Balwant’s men tells Surendra that they can’t bring ambulance because they have dig all the roads of their village.

Balwant scolds them. Maai tells Mohini that they should help Balwant. Harphoul and Santok opposes her decision. Mohini tries to convince them. Shalini calls Sharda on Mohini’s behest. Mohini tells Sharda that she has insulin.

Balwant first refuses to accept Mohini’s help but later agrees. Meenu tells village people that they abandoned Mohini’s family on Balwant’s behest. But today Mohini going to Balwant’s house to save Balwant’s life.

Harphoul tells Mohini that he will deal with Balwant once he became fine. He takes Mohini to Balwant’s house. Others follows them.

Mohini hesitates to enter Balwant’s house. She tells village people that they did not allow her to enter Susheela’s house because they don’t know the caste of Mohini. She says that they still don’t know Mohini’s caste so how can she enter Balwant’s house.

Meanwhile, Balwant falls from the bed. Mohini tells village people that everyone’s life is important. She enters the house. Others follows her. Everyone gets shocked seeing Balwant’s condition. Harphoul and Balwant’s servant put Balwant on the bed.

Balwant murmurs that Mohini did not come to save him. Mohini asks Harphoul and Santok to hold Balwant. She injects insulin to Balwant. Maai feels tired and she sit on the chair. Mohini convinces her and others to return to house. Sharda tells Maai that the latter is lucky to get Mohini as daughter in law.

Meenu tells village people that they should be ashamed of themselves. Ragini tells village people that they still don’t know Mohini’s caste. They nods at her. Balwant regains his consciousness. Mohini tells him that he will be completely fine soon.

She asks him to take care of his diet. Banwari offers gift to Mohini on Balwant’s behest. But Harphoul and Mohini refuses to accept it. Meenu sends wheat and vegetables vendor to Maai’s house. Maai buys wheat and vegetables.

Shalini tells Maai to take rest. She starts cooking. Maai calls Harphoul and learns that Balwant is fine. She informs him that she had buy wheat and vegetables. Mohini asks Sharda to not give sweets to Balwant. Sharda blesses her.

Mohini gets emotional seeing Harveer and Maai’s photo. Harphoul and Mohini bids bye to Sharda and leaves from there. Mohini sit on Harphoul’s bike. She sleeps while recalling the moments she shared with Harphoul. He adores her beauty.

She wakes up and scolds him for not waking her up. He takes her to dhaba. She orders lot of food for her. He asks her that if she can eat all the food. She eats evey thing. She asks him that why he looks angry always.

He tells her that he faced many difficult situations. He informs her that how Harveer helped others always. He shares about his worry for Santok to her. She tells him about Ayurvedic treatment.

She says that she would have wore something good if she knew that he is taking her for date then. She says that she want dessert. But they don’t have money. One guy announces that winner of the movie guessing game will get 5 gulab jamun.

Mohini gets excited hearing him. She drags Harphoul to the stage. She asks him to guess correctly. They starts playing. He guesses the movie name correctly. She gets happy and she eats four gulab jamun which shocks Harphoul. She starts dancing seeing the rain. He joins her to dance.

Balwant tells Doctor that he is sure that Mohini mixed something in the medicine. Doctor tells him that Mohini gave the correct medicine to him. Balwant says that he will take revenge on Mohini. Harphoul and Mohini reaches their house.

Maai questions them seeing them wet. They accuses each other. Shalini tells Santok that she is not lucky like Mohini. Maai tells Harphoul and Mohini to take bath. After some time, Maai offers ‘kaada’ to Harphoul and Mohini.

Next day, Mohini starts her preparation to open dispensary in the village. She gives few papers to Abhimanyu and asks him to get copies of those papers. She says that she want to open dispensary on Harveer’s name. Harphoul and Maai gets happy hearing her.

Balwant performs puja to pure himself. Abhimanyu drops one paper which Mohini gave him. Sundar finds that and he reads it. He clicks photo of it and sends to villagers.

Balwant tells villagers that he is with them against Mohini. Villagers sees that paper including Balwant. Villagers decides to talk to Maai. Sarpanch tells Balwant that everyone got this paper. Meenu smiles seeing the paper.

In the upcoming episode, Villagers will reach Maai’s house. Mohini will tell them that she won’t let them misbehave with Maai.

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