Harsh helps stray dogs during the lockdown: Kartik Purnima

In today’s times, when the world is fighting against Covid-19, we see many celebs sharing their views and asking the audience to stay indoors. Whilst everyone is sharing videos of what they are doing at home, Star Bharat fame Harsh Nagar who is seen essaying the role of Kartik in Kartik Purnima is doing something different.

He is trying to give back to the society in his own little way. Recently, Harsh was seen taking precautionary measures and feeding the stray dogs in his society. This sweet little gesture by him will increase your love for him in leaps and bounds. He believes that even they need to be taken care of in these trying times

When spoken to, Harsh he shared, “Animals are an integral part of our society. However, due to this nationwide lockdown, they have been rendered homeless and unfed. And in this hour of need, I believe we must help them with whatever we have!”

Harsh further shared, “I am personally not a pet parent but I have friends who own dogs and from them, I learned the art of compassion and empathy towards animals. While I request everyone to stay indoors and stay safe; please do your bit to help the society in your own way.”

This is indeed a beautiful gesture from Harsh and a wonderful way to share the message to all to help those who are in need!