He is an emotional person and respects every relationship: Aly’s mom Ruby Goni on RaLy

Aly Goni and Ruby Goni (Aly's Mother) Pics
He is an emotional person and respects every relationship: Aly's mom Ruby Goni on RaLy

Aly Goni and Rahul Vaidya’s friendship in the “Bigg Boss” show has become the talk of the town. While some say that they have spoiled each other’s game, the duo has not let it affect their relationship in any way and even their families are fond of each other. During the family week, while Aly’s sister, Ilham Goni, called Rahul a sweetheart, his mother, Ruby Goni, shares the mutual feeling.

Speaking about the friendship between Rahul and Aly, who are fondly called RaLy by their fans, she said, “When Aly has a bond with someone, he will stand for that person no matter what. He is an emotional person and respects every relation with all his heart. Now when Jasmin is not in the show, he will support Rahul and that’s the way he is. He is not selfish. And it’s a good thing that you respect every relation you make and not disrespect it.

“It’s in his nature to be friendly and nice. In the outside world also, he is like that. You can’t be friends with everyone. And has been clear about it that now Rahul is his priority in the show. He will stand by him. He will expect only from a few people who he trusts,” she added.

Ruby also confessed that Aly is a great son, and that he does everything which is expected from a good son. She added, “He is very attached to us and gets homesick when he doesn’t meet us for long. He was naughty since childhood. He is very fun-loving and at the same time very emotional as well. The best thing about him is he is a very caring and responsible son.”

Coming back to the show, she said, “As a contestant, he is doing great. I am proud of him for being himself. He is doing great in the show, he is one of the strongest contestants, is giving his best, and is playing well.”

In a Weekend Ka Vaar episode, host Salman Khan questioned Aly for not stopping any fights between Rahul and Rubina Dilaik. Eijaz Khan had supported Aly in this and told Salman that it’s because he lets people fight their own battle. Sharing her opinion on the same, Ruby said, “Eijaz is right. Aly has always said that he respects Rubina, so it’s better not to get in between Rahul and Rubina. He has no personal issues with both of them. So that’s the right thing to do.”

She also spoke about the fight between Aly and Abhinav Shukla last week, and said, “It’s a game show. All of this is expected. Aly and Abhinav are not good friends. Aly knew Jasmin likes Abhinav and he respected Abhinav for that reason. But if it’s between Abhinav and Rahul, it’s obvious that Aly will stand up for Rahul being his good friend.”

A few weeks back after Jasmin’s eviction, Aly revealed how Rakhi Sawant had wished that he and Jasmin are separated, indicating towards her “Tota udd jaye” comment. Ruby said, “I felt bad being a mother when Rakhi cursed, even if it was for entertainment. But then in the end, it’s a game show. This will all get over.”

“The only important thing is the impact you make on people and the way you play. People are liking him and loving his game and I am happy about it. I wish him all the luck,” she concluded.

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