Hear me roar! Celebrities talk about gender equality this Women’s Day

Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow – this is the theme of the year and this Women’s Day, members of the acting fraternity share their views of gender equality, especially in the showbiz

Sharad Malhotra:
Women’s Day needs to be every day. Be it at our workplaces or at home, we need to not only treasure but respect women. This is the minimum that we can do for the women in our lives. Indian society thrives on the inequality of genders and this is prevalent in all aspects, be it marriage, work or just at home. This needs to change at grassroots levels. Why must a woman have to prove herself at every step? It’s not fair at all!


Aalisha Panwar:
Being a woman, I feel more and more empowered every day and this is a result of the way society is changing and women are given more opportunities and respect. But we still have a long way to go. We need to stop thinking in terms of genders and start treating everyone as one. Why must a woman take her husband’s name, why must a child need a father’s name to get admission in school? These are pertinent questions that need to be answered.

Angad Hasija
According to me, I think there would be no day that we are without a woman. If you wake up in the morning your day is not complete without your mother. Your family is incomplete without your wife and daughter. So somewhere, the maid also comes home and cooks and does all your work. Without these people, I feel like there is no life. If you put all the women to sleep even for a day or send them for a vacation or tell them not to work for a day or two, it seems to me that everything will stop. So, women’s presence is so important in everyone’s life. Be it a mother, sister, wife, daughter. So for me, I have three angel’s, my daughter, my mom and my wife. Without them my day doesn’t start and my day doesn’t end.For me every day is women’s day. And I would like to say that it’s important to respect women. You should respect everyone but for women respect is more important because women are referred to as goddesses by our old people. And if we are living our life, it is because of women. So, keeping that respect in mind, I think we should honour them. In rural areas, people have progressed and there are families who are okay with having a girl child but still expect to have a boy child.So, my point is why is it so important to have a boy child? Why are you not happy with a daughter? I still think that thinking is not 100% clear. Around 70% normally pretend they’re happy with a girl child but back in their mind they still think a boy child is important. My uncle once told me that you have a daughter but a son is important, you’ll be proud of him. And when he was telling me, I was thinking, why? I’m happy that I have a daughter. My daughter is very important to me.

Charrul Malik
I think the women’s side is quite strong, powerful. Women are moving ahead, they’re achieving, they’re excelling, they’re dominating, they’re growing. I have never felt any gender inequality, not even 1% in the industry.In the industry, we don’t have gender inequality. In fact, there are women-oriented shows. Be it Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai. It is women-centric. They have actors in the same number, be it men or women and also supporting actors. And talking about money, I think they’re equal, it’s not biased at all. I don’t know about rural areas, where women are still not allowed to work, still supposed to do the household work because they’re women. But I think a lot of people in rural areas have progressed.

Prateik Chaudhary
It’s a day to realise that we’re together on the same page. The purpose of the day isn’t to make women strong. Women are already powerful. It’s all about changing how the rest of the world sees that power. Without gender equality today, a sustainable future, and an equal future remains beyond our reach. They participate in and lead sustainability efforts all around the world, and the outcomes of their participation and leadership are more successful. I want every woman to feel happier with themselves, which will increase their confidence and self-esteem, even working shoulder to shoulder with men without feeling unequal. Let’s work together to close the gap in opportunity. Let’s work together to close the pay gap. Also, let’s work on this together.

Rahul Bhatia
Gender equality has to be there obviously because nowadays both men and women are working and contributing financially to the households. In fact, taking care of the kids necessities along with the household work. In the industry, yes, there is gender equality. Talking about Kangana Ranaut, she stands strong on her points or her views. I genuinely respect all the actresses, female artists, and female directors. If they’re not there, then the industry cannot run because ” Hero ko heroine ki jarurat toh padegi hi”.

Muskan Verma
I’m happy and grateful to be a woman. International Women’s Day is a day when everyone acknowledges the importance and value of women in their life. Change is something that is both necessary and desirable. For generations, men have experienced more privileges in all aspects of society. That, however, must change because we are all human beings who deserve equal rights and opportunities. Aside from that, women need to find the courage to overcome all obstacles in all areas of life in order to make significant progress. For far too long, we’ve been underrepresented, dismissed, and neglected. Something has to be done about it. The idea is to be so present that no girl ever has to wonder if being a woman will make achieving her dreams and goals more difficult. Our films are a reflection of the culture in which we live. It serves as a mirror to how we treat women in real life for a global audience. Despite the fact that people feel that the industry is undergoing a wave of change in terms of storytelling, there is still a long way to go in terms of giving ladies a meaningful place in the industry so that it reflects our culture equally. We are progressing slowly but we have a long way to go.

Srishti Jain- A very happy women’s day to all the beautiful, powerful and talented women. I think I’ve seen a lot of positive change since some time now, a lot more women centric films are being made, with women carrying the whole film on their shoulders and more so they’ve been doing so well and are widely loved too. I too have played strong , powerful female characters that have had a positive impact on the audiences. Having said that, I also think there’s still a lot more to achieve when it comes to equality. I hope we can build a world where inequality doesn’t exist altogether