Here is how ‘Anupama’ inspires housewives!

Rajan Shahi produced show ‘Anupama’ displays a life of a housewives through it’s lead character Anupama. Actress Rupali Ganguly is doing exceptional as Anupama. The way she brings the life to the character, none other than Ganguly could have portrayed Anupama this flawlessly. Right from her expressions, dialogue delivery to the reaction on certain situations, Rupali amazes the fans with her acting chops. Actor Sudhanshu Pandey well compliment Rupali. As Vanraj his acting is on another level. Fans hates to love Vanraj, all thanks to Sudhanshu. The team effort of star cast of Anupama makes the show to gain rank 1 each week on TRP chart.

Anupama is just not an ordinary story but a story of every housewives. The journey of Anupama is relatable. And the way she is taking a stand for herself now post Vanraj betrayed her, Anupama’s journey is more stirring. So, here are highlighting few more reasons what strong message Anupama conveys through her journey!

After it reaches to saturation, raise your voice:

Anupama used to handle Vanraj’s behaviour towards her maturely. But her saturation point reaches when she find Vanraj with Kavya in her room. The way Anupama reacted and took a stand for her respect, fans applauded atleast Anupama burst out. From then to now; Anupama never fear to raise her voice against Vanraj and Kavya.

Should live your dream:

Anupamaa Pics

Anupama has a passion for dancing. She inspires housewives and conveys inspite of responsibilities one should not compromise your dreams. Anupama teaches dance online and at school too.

It is never too late to start:

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Anupama is always degraded for being uneducated. But Anupama proved everyone wrong post she decided to start afresh. She showed a courage towards learning and driving a car was first in her wish list.

Anupama representing a life of a housewives. Rajan Shahi show got success in making a difference as audience accepted concept like Anupama. Before its launch it was criticized that masses will not accept middle-aged romance. But Anupama outshined.

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