Here is what made Zain Imam and Shrenu Parikh a famous ITV Jodi?

Famous show Ek- Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna made the jodi of Zain Imam and Shrenu Parikh.

It all started with the relationship of brother-in law and sister-in law but the twist in the show made the duos to end up turning into an amazing couple.

Ek Bhram- Sarvagun Sampanna had a content to deliver and fans liked the power packed performance of Shrenu as the story of the show revolved around her character Jhanvi/Pooja.

Pooja turned Jhanvi to avenge Mittals for trapping his father Dr. Ashok Sharma (Karan Mehra) in a wrong case setting his house on fire. Pooja and her sister Rani get saved. Further, Jhanvi entered the Mittal house as a daughter-in law to execute her plans. She exposed to be one of the best daughter-in laws but at the last she destroyed the Mittal family. Jhanvi revealed she is Pooja, Dr. Ashok’s daughter who PK Mittal (Ayub Khan) killed by trapping in a false case.

Post that Pooja lives with her true identity and owns Mittal property and house. She also disclosed that she wasn’t married to Dhruv ever. The animosity between Pooja and Mittal’s grow when Kabir decided to fight back her. Now from their Pooja and Kabir aka Shrenu and Zain’s jodi was made.

Fans adored the pairing of Zain and Shrenu and the duos have a separate fan-base. Fans miss them even today and their keeps cherishing their scenes on the social media.

Well, here we are highlighting what made Zain Imam and Shrenu Parikh a famous ITV Jodi as Kabir and Pooja.

Their Tashan

Kabir struggles to get the job. Pooja offers him the job on her terms. Kabir takes the job and performs the duty on his own conditions.

The tashan between Kabir and Pooja was a treat to watch. The way both were firm yet came closer, the duos makes the perfect pair.

The love realization:

Kabir and Pooja both realize their love for each other on the same day. Both refuse to accept the fact still fallen for each other. The realization of the love made the fans to go ‘AWW’ as all were waiting for the day for long.

Pooja and Kabir care for each other:

The way Pooja and Kabir care for each other, such scenes were adorable.

The forehead Kiss:

Many were upset seeing the romance of brother-in law and sister-in law. Still the loyal fans cherish each moments of Kabir and Pooja. The forehead kiss of Kabir and Pooja will always be special.

The chemistry of Zain and Shrenu:

It’s the understanding between the actors that makes the jodi hit. Zain and Shrenu with their flawless acting brought the life to the character Kabir and Pooja. Thus, their jodi became one of the hit ITV jodi.

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