Here is what we all will miss about Beyhadh2

Well, the abrupt ending of the show Beyahdh2 is upsetting. But the latest reports reads the show has bid the adieu amid the CoronaVirus and is not returning back for showing what happened in the last episode of the season 2 of popular drama Beyhadh. Loyal fans of the show are already upset with the news and are missing the show. According to the channel, Beyhadh2 is the finite series thus they are not bringing it back post lockdown.

Beyhadh 2 is enjoyed by the fans because of its out of the box content, as the show is far from saas-bahu drama. Losing such a show from ITV is off-putting. Here, we are highlighting few more points as what more we will miss about Beyhadh2.

Maya Jai Singh:

ITV has less character like Maya Jai Singh. The bold, fierce and fearless female character is rarely seen on ITV. We all will surely miss Maya Jai Singh and also the presence of amazing diva Jennifer Winget!.

Jodi of MYRA:

Off-course, MYRA shared the sizzling and breathtaking chemistry. With Beyhadh 2 going off-air we all will miss the hot and burning chemistry of Shivin Naran and Jennifer Winget.

Exceptional Content like Beyhadh-2:

Beyhadh series is all about psycho-lover (MAYA) who crosses all the barriers of love and hate. Shows with such a gripping content like Beyhadh is rarely showcased on the Television. Beyhadh 2 holds an exceptional content and we will surely miss it.

Unexpected Twist:

For the other shows you can guess what will be the next twist. But for Beyhadh it is hard to guess next move of Maya Jai Singh.


Last but not the least, Ending of Beyhadh 2 we all will miss. We will never see whether MYRA reunited or not.

Before going on break Beyhadh 2 witnessed, Maya learning that Vikram is behind the murder of her mother and Rajiv. She thinks to make Vikram her puppet before killing him. Maya also added Rudra can think about her whatever he wants but she won’t let anyone harm him.

This last episode is the ending for season 2 of Beyhadh and we hope it returns back with the brand new season.

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