Here is why Helly Shah is Best Actress 2020!

Helly Shah is the best thing happened to Indian Television. Her versatility, confidence, style, smile, fashion, gorgeous look- makes all of us to fall for this beautiful diva. In her so far career, Helly literally amazed everyone with her shades. Her acting chops are so realistic that Shah can make you hate her for playing antagonist ‘Kaynaat’ (Sufiyana Pyaar Mera) and adore her double being ‘swara’ (Swaragini). This range of her acting makes Helly outshine in the crowd.

Helly Shah is currently playing the character of ‘Riddhima Vansh Rai Singhania’ and for her flawless performance in the show, in the recently help 5th Perfect Achievers Award; actress bagged the title of Best Actress 2020. Helly took her social media account and shared her happiness with her followers. Shah captioned her post- Last night got home
The Best Actress Award 2020 for IMM at the Perfect Achievers Awards . A bigggg thank you to @mamtayashpatnaik ma’am for creating Riddhima and making me your Riddhima. This only makes me never want to let you down . ❤️❤️

Also received The Best Show Award for IMM on behalf of Mamta Ma’am and Yash sir . To all our Writers , the amazing team at Colors , our whole cast and crew , and every single person working on the show , This one is for all of us . Guess its a sweet Happy ending to 2020 . Thank you to our viewers and fans for so much love and constant support . ❤️🧿

P.S- kindly ignore the tired puffy eyes . 🙂”

Dazzling diva was shimmering in royal blue short one piece outfit. Like always minimal make up and bright laughter was adding more charm to her look.

Helly Shah is one of the Best ITV Actress and we all know it. But today we are highlighting few more reasons why Helly as Riddhima deserves to win the Best Actress Award. Check out the reasons below!

Here is why Helly Shah is Best Actress 2020!

Helly’s communicative eyes:

More than her dialogue; Helly as Riddhima gorgeously convey herself with her eyes. Her eyes are expressive! And this is the reason Vansh keeps giving her compliment that ‘her eyes are beautiful’. We audience can’t deny it either!

Rules the emotional scenes:

Character Riddhima is quiet emotional and Helly leaves no chance unturned to bring out the best emotion. Emotional scenes are so real that it sometimes brings genuine tears in audience eyes!

No over the top acting:

Helly knows well how to bring the balance in her acting. Her natural and flawless acting makes Riddhima relatable and famous among the masses.

On-Screen chemistry:

Helly is adaptable and can bring out the best chemistry, no matter which actor is sharing the screen with her. This is the reason ‘RidhBir’ and ‘RiAnsh’ both are famous among the fans.

So, these are our best reasons why Helly is best actress 2020! Let’s see what more you can add!

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