Here is why Jasmin Bhasin and Aly Goni makes a best ITV couple!

Famously known as ‘JASLY’, actor Aly Goni and Jasmin Bhasin made an adorable Bigg Boss 14 couple. Like every season; this season too show gave fans an adorable pair. Jasmin and Aly’s bonding gave romantic content to Bigg Boss 14. Aly entered the house as Jasmin’s supporter post she was emotionally broken after her ugly fight with Rahul Vadiya. Seeing Aly in the house, Jasmin bring out her strong personality. Few criticized that; the way Jasmin turned fierce post Aly’s entry it is confusing whether her cute antics before his entry was a game plan?

Well, Jasmin and Aly amazed the fans with their friendship. Duo really gave some major friendship goals. First met on the sets of ‘Khataron Ke Khiladi’, JASLY bonded for life time. Insipte of all Jasmin and Aly both have revealed that they will only tie knot when their family will bless them. Aly also shared that if their family will not agree for the alliance than they both will not get married and will live together. Aww..Aly’s honest confession melted ‘JASLY’ fans heart.  Here we bring few more reasons why Jasmin and Aly makes a best ITV couple!

They look gorgeous together:

Without any doubt Aly and Jasmin looks adorable together. JASLY’s bond oozes chemistry. The way Aly blush away hearing Jasmin’s love talk, JASLY is surely made for each other.

They have each other’s back:

Aly entered the house to support Jasmin. Further in the game he left the house to secure Jamsin’s place in Bigg Boss 14. Ahead, Jasmin got evicted and Aly remained in the house as wild card. Aly played his game and was appreciated for being easy throughout his journey in the house. Jasmin re-entered the house as Aly’s connection. This proves JASLY has each other’s back. They both are more confident in each other’s company.

Courageous enough to take a stand for each other:

It is only JASLY thing that they can even prove Salman Khan wrong. During a weekend ka vaar; Salman raised a point and asked Aly why he yelled at Jasmin during a task. He quotes for Aly that he also know his behaviour towards Jasmin is not good post she entered the house as his connection. Jamsin interrupted Salman and clarified that Aly was not misbehaving with her instead she understands his reaction over certain thing. She says that it is her equation with Aly.

 Tell us what made you to fall for Jasmin and Aly.

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