Here is why Kasauti Zindagi Kay current storyline is refreshing?

Show Kasauti Zindagi Kay is witnessing high voltage drama post Prerna returned back to Basu’s life.

Kasauti Zindagi Kay story was going slow with the same planning and plotting of Komolika as Sonalika. Komolika was keep trying best to separate Prerna and Anurag and lastly she got success.

Story took the jump of 8 years and Kasauti Zindagi Kay showcased the major development in the story!

Post leap shows story is refreshing and here we are highlighting few more reasons why you can’t afford to miss watching Kasauti Zindagi Kay!

  1. Prerna’s bold shade:

Well, Prerna being kind-hearted was getting really bored to watch. All thanks to the leap; the new bold and fearless Prerna is a treat to watch. The way she is giving befitting reply to Komolika and Basu’s; the courageous Prerna is stealing the limelight of the show with her spotless performance.

This new shade of Prerna you just can’t afford to miss if you are a fan of Kasauti Zindagi Kay!

  • Cold Anurag Basu:

Anurag’s cold behavior towards Komolika and sarcastic replies is enjoyable! Anurag to protect Prerna from Komolika pushed her down from the cliff. He still loves Prerna but he can’t reveal to her because of Komolika’s evil plot against Prerna. Thus, Anurag fakes being with Komolika but his heart still beats for Prerna. This new Anurag too is amazing to watch.

  • Prerna and Anurag’s face-off:

Well, yes the tashan of Prerna and Anurag is pleasurable. Anurag is pretending and acting rude with Prerna so that she never come to know the real reason behind his betrayal.

Meanwhile, clueless about Anurag’s helplessness; Prerna is all set to avenge Anurag. This tashanful act of Prerna and Anurag is refreshing and is fetching the audience’s attention.

  • Cute Banters:

Now along with Prerna and Anurag; the story of Kaushik and Kukki are wonderful too. The teenager romance always head turns the audiences; so it’s refreshing to watch Kaushik and Kukki’s cute fight and banters in the show!.

  • New addition in the form of Sneha:

Prerna thinks that her daughter Sneha died in the fire breakout at the hospital. Anurag thinks Prerna took Sneha with her meanwhile, Komolika is happy too thinking Sneha might be able to bring back Anurag and Prerna together but it is good she is no more.

Now drama to galore more in Kasauti Zindagi Kay as Sneha is alive and has already met Prerna indirectly. Sneha’s balloon accidentally reaches to Prerna. Prerna drop Sneha home! Later, gets impress with Prerna and it will be interesting to watch if Prerna will ever learn Sneha is alive. Well, time will only tell.

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