Here is why Mohsin Khan will remain forever ‘Kartik Goenka’!

Mohsin Khan and Shivangi Joshi is leaving a lasting impression on the audience with their absolute performance as Kartik and Naira/Sirat. Both has given their 5 years to the show and made their character iconic globally. They are irreplaceable and we all will surely miss them on our screen. Recently, Mohsin fans trended the hastags MOHSIN MADE KARTIK ICONIC and #MohsinRuledITVAsKartik. They celebrated Khan’s character under the hastag to give him a good farewell. Hastags trended online. We also took fans quote to know which quality of Mohsin’s character ‘Kartik Goenka’ impressed them the most! Talking about the same fans shared their view. Read them out here!

Meanwhile, here we also bring some more reasons what made everyone to fall in love with Kartik head over heels!

His humbleness:

Kartik is a well-written character in the history of Indian Television. It is very natural to loose calm when situation is against. But Kartik is the only male lead who politely deals with any situation without freaking out. He has given a message use brain at difficult times instead of getting restless or thinking negative. The way Kartik fixes everything he is surely an iconic character to cherish. We all can’t forget to thanks Mohsin Khan for his relatable performance.

He never takes a credit:

Kartik has always impressed the audience with his this attitude. He never own credit for doing anything good and believe in encouraging others.

His romantic antics:

Be it Naira/Sirat; his romantic antics with his ladylove has earned separated fan base.

His personality:

Kartik is the only male lead who was less in suit and boots. His simple casual has surely set goals.

A complete family man:

Top best quality that made Kartik irreplaceable. He love his family above anything which made audience to fall for him head over heels.

Let’s see what more you add! Shoot your answers in the comment section below!

We will surely miss Kartik aka Mohsin Khan. Team Justshowbiz wishes Mohsin Khan all the good luck and success for his future!

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