Here is why we love Abrar Qazi as Rudraksh Khurana

Abraz Qazi has made the viewers glued to the screens with his various performances. He started his career in 2018 with a Sajid Ali film ‘Laila Majnu’ and then in 2019 he stepped into digital platform Amazon Prime and played the recurring role of ‘Kareem’. Finally after Bollywood and Web-Series he landed in television industry and grabbed the lead role of Raghu Jadhav in Colors TV. But “Rudraksh Khurana in Yeh Hai Chahatein” can be considered his most inspiring performance and also most loved by fans.

  1. Abrar Qazi looks Handsome and Dapper as Rudraksh Khurana

Abrar looks as Rudraksh Khurana has become the trend for the youngsters. His looks perfectly defines a Rockstar. His costumes for Yeh Hai Chahatein totally fits his character. Not only the character but also Rudraksh’s Characteristics; like his attitude, profession, style and standard of living of Khuranas. Some of his looks are also cute, which we can see when he is romantic and happy mood. Rudraksh also has worn black suits, multi-colored Kurta Pyjama and also south-indian veshti.

  • Abraz’s acting skills as Rudraksh Khurana are mind-blowing

Abrar plays a single role Rudraksh Khurana in Yeh Hai Chahatein but within this one role he plays a dashing rockstar, loveable husband and son, responsible father and son-in-law, a great friend and last but not the least a powerful and bitterest enemy. He portrays his each role perfectly.

  • Rudraksh is a Passionate and Faithful lover/husband

Rudraksh and Preesha’s Jodi is one of the most loved Jodi’s of Indian Television. Their Jodi is somewhat similar to Raman and Ishita’s Jodi from Yeh Hai Mohabbatein. Fans call them ‘Rusha’. Rudraksh sometimes have lost his faith on Preesha in past episodes but after he spent more than a year with her as her husband and got to know her well, he has become the most lovable husband ever. He is also very faithful towards his wife Preesha as can be seen in recent episodes that he is with her and helping her expose Mahima even when Preesha’s own mother refused to believe her. Both of them give couple goals to fans with their beautiful chemistry and nok-jhok. Fans love them totally and trend Rusha on social media.

  • Rudraksh is a protective father, son, husband and son-in-law

Rudraksh being so young has taken so many responsibilities after his elder brother Rajeev Khurana’s death. In one year he changed a lot. He became a caring father, protective husband and a lovely son from an arrogant, full of attitude, spoiled brat and sacred kid from inside. Preesha’s entry changed him to a wonderful man that every woman would want her husband or boyfriend to be.

So these are the few reasons that makes fans to fall for Abrar Qazi. Let’s see what more you can add. Shoot out in comment box, why you love Abrar in the role of Rudraksh.

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