Here’s why Vijay Pushkar planned a trip to Dubai, and it’s special

Vijay Pushkar Pics
Here's why Vijay Pushkar planned a trip to Dubai, and it's special

Vijay Pushkar, who made his OTT debut with “Splitends”, was in Dubai to bring in the new year and it was not a random plan, his maiden trip to Dubai was part of a tradition that he and his best friend followed every year. Sharing the details he said, “I was in Dubai for nine days and it was my first visit. There were two reasons for choosing Dubai for holidays, and the first was to surprise my best friend.” “She recently got married and shifted to Dubai with her husband. She is my school friend and for many years we followed this tradition of spending Christmas and new year together. So there was no way I was breaking this tradition,” he added.

Revealing his second reason, he said, “I wanted to see the great architecture of this place and the beauty of the city.” Vijay tried to make the most of his trip and even enjoyed the desert safari, but it was not very easy for him. “My desert safari experience was amazing, though I have motion sickness but I still wanted to experience the crazy driving in the desert. It is very important to focus on short breaks. In Pandemic we stayed home throughout so it was a welcome change. We have realized the value of people and life more. It is nice to be important but more important to be nice” “But once you reach you see the gorgeous landscapes which are mesmerizing, it was followed by the traditional show in the camp. It was a truly unforgettable experience,” he concluded.

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