High Voltage Drama Ahead in Ek Bhram- Sarvagun Sampanna


Drama is high in Star Plus show Ek Bhram- Sarvagun Sampanna.

So far in the episodes, Manohar threatens Jhanvi and ask apology from her. He puts her on gunpoint. He shots Jhanvi and PK hits Manohar. Manohar dies on the spot. Jhanvi too falls down after bullet touched her slightly.

Everyone gets worried for Jhanvi and thinks why Manohar did this. Meanwhile, Kavya finds some files in Manohar’s room and give it to Raghav. Jhanvi gets tensed learning Kavya gave file to Raghav.

Otherside, Kavya confronts Kabir for lying her about Vyom. She says both of them lied to her. There is no difference between him and Vyom. Kabir tries to explain Kavya that Vyom was her past and he is her present. Aarush ask them about his admission and Kabir answers him.

Later, PK informs everyone that Raghav has called everyone at his house for the dinner. Jhanvi tries to convince PK to let her stay back as she is not recovered fully but PK ask her to come along, as they will return soon. They all go and his wife welcomes everyone.

Now in the upcoming episodes will see, PK will excuse himself from Raghav’s house and will go back to his house. He will inform his men’s to fix the cameras such a way that nobody catches it. He says he wants to catch the real culprit.

Ahead will see, Jhanvi will lie about being ill and returns to Mittal residence to look for Manohar’s files. A concerned Kavya requests Prem to let her go and look after Jhanvi. There, Jahnvi manages to take out files from PK’s locker Kavya will find her.

What next happens in Ek Bhram- Sarvagun Sampanna will be interesting to watch. Do Kavya will learn Jhanvi’s truth or not, well to know more keep watching the show mon-fri on Star Plus and Hotstar.

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