‘Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha ‘ A new Kdrama with lots of potential

We are in the month of September and with this new month, there are several new K-Dramas that are being aired. Among them ‘Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha ‘ has caught our attention. This recent K-Drama starring Shin Min-A and Kim Seon-Ho is the remake of a 2004 Korean film Mr.Handy,Mr.Hong! The first episode premiered on 28th Aug.This show will be aired on weekends and is available to stream on Netflix.So far two episodes have been aired.Read on to find out if ‘Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha ‘ will be worth your time.

Summary so far

Yoon Hye-Jin played by Shin Min-A,is a beautiful,smart and talented dentist with values and principles.She works for a top clinic in Seoul.When she voices her displeasure to her chief doctor about how she rips off patients in the form of treatments, they get into a heated argument and Hye-Jin quits her job.Later she gets drunk with her friend and in a drunken state she posts about her Chief doctor in online dental community.After  many failed attempts to secure a new job,she decides to visit her hometown on her late mother’s birthday.

From the minute she reaches the small town,a series a misfortune happens in which she finds herself with no money, a broke down car and no phone connectivity.She runs across Hong Du-Sik (Yeon Seon-Ho),a jack of all trades.Instead of lending her money,he makes her earn it on her own. Hye-Jin realizes that its impossible to get a job in city anymore as she has been stamped as a whistle blower.She decides to use all her savings and open clinic in the small town.

Hong Du-Sik is a handsome,charming guy who practically lives to help people.He loves his small town which has almost 75% of old population and pretty much does all jobs.Its revealed that Du-Sik noticed Hye-Jin the minute she stepped on the beach where he was surfing.From that moment on,he has been observing her and seem to like her.He however acts cold and indifferent towards her.

Hye-Jin is shocked by the number of jobs that Du-Sik seem to have and is annoyed about running into him everytime. Du-Sik helps her find a spot for clinic and home as her realtor and later renovates her house.Hye-Jin however upsets the townfolks and unintentionally hurts their pride and sentiments resulting in no patients visiting her clinic.Du-Sik again help her to gain people’s trust.

Our Take

Hometown Cha Cha Cha overall seem to have the potential to become an entertaining and fun drama.The fresh pairing of Shin Min- a and Yeon Seon-Ho is very promising as we can already feel their chemistry.For all Yeon Seon-Ho fans who has always been upset by how he never gets the girl on his previous shows will be delighted to watch him being the lead.Although Hye-Jin and Du-Sik seem to be poles apart they both are kind hearted.It will be interesting to see how they both deal with each other’s personality traits which is totally opposite.The new trailers hint at a love triangle which may happen in the upcoming episodes.Our suggestion is to stream it and enjoy the lifestyle of small town with its charming characters.