‘Hot’ consummation of Veer and Bani set the screen on fire, all thanks to Sharad Malhotra and Surbhi Chandna: Naagin 5

There is no doubt that Sharad Malhotra and Surbhi Chandna are ITV’S hottest couple ever.

The sizzling chemistry between the duos is burning the screen post they became the couple in the supernatural show Naagin 5. The spark in their performance is making the audience to fall for Sharad and Surbhi’s character in the show. Sharad and Surbhi are gracing the screen as Veeranshu and Bani. Both are talented actors and know it well, as how to bring the life to the character. Sharad and Surbhi’s performance in the show fetched the audience attention and duo as VAni has a separate fanbase.

Veer and Bani passionate sequences always skip the heartbeat. And we all can’t resist ourselves from appreciating Sharad and Surbhi for their top notch performance. Both are maker’s hot choice for the role of Veer and Babi. In the last night episode, Sharad and Surbhi yet again burned the screen with their sizzling hot performance. Veer and Bani consummate their marriage. The sequence was hot and sexy. You can’t just resist yourself from drooling over the flawless performance of Sharad and Surbhi. ITV very rarely show such a hot sequence on screen, Veer and Bani’s consummation scene will hottest scene of the year! So if you have missed last night episode of Naagin 5, check it out below!

‘Hot’ consummation of Veer and Bani set the screen on fire, all thanks to Sharad Malhotra and Surbhi Chandna: Naagin 5

It all started with Bani sitting stunned recalling Veeranshu’s sudden change in the behaviour. Jay tries to console Bani but Veeranshu interrupt and yells back at Bani and Jay too. Bani say to Veeranshu that he was not like that before. Veeranshu says he was the same since beginning. Further, Bani lights the sorry candle for Veeranshu and tells him that she wants to apologize for her cold behaviour towards him. At first Veeranshu leaves the room. He comes back late and blows the candle. He further confessed to Bani that he too is sorry for hurting her. Bani and Veeranshu forgives each other. Bani say to Veeranshu that she wants to be with him forever.

Veeranshi takes Bani on a date. Bani get mesmerized seeing the decoration. Bani is red saree as usual looked hot and sexy, while in Balck suit Veeranshu well complemented his lady love. Bani and Veeranshu shares a couple dance and just when they were about to get lost in each other, rain interrupted the duo. VaNi takes the shelter at the tent out there. Further, Bani was squeezing the water from her dress and Veer just can’t resist himself from taking his eyes-off from his sexy wife. The water droplets on Bani’s body seem it is inviting Veer. Bani say to Veeranshu that she is shivering with cold and need a cloth to wear. Veeranshu takes off his shirt and gives it to Bani. Bani in his black shirt looked extra hot. And post this the most awaited moment came. Veer gets smitten seeing his lady love. He adores Bani’s beauty. Veer claims that Bani belongs to him. Duo consummates their marriage.

The whole sequence was flawlessly hot, mesmerizing and enjoyable. VAni fans just can’t resist themselves from watching the whole sequence on loop. Share with us your view on the consummation scene of your favorite couple VAni.

On the story front, soon Veeranshu will have a change of heart. He will marry chandni. Here, Bani too will marry Jay. For more entertainment, keep watching Naagin 5 sat-sun on colors tv.

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