How will Surya react for Vennila’s greeting card?: Kaatrukenna Veli

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Vijay TV newly launched show Kaatrukkenna Veli is gearing up for more drama with Abhi plotting against Vennila.

In the current track it’s seen that Abhi invites her whole class to Surya’s birthday. She reveals that Surya has the habit of celebrating his birthday in an oldage home and suggests going there to surprise him. Vennila doesn’t want to attend Surya’s birthday celebration. She thinks that Surya doesn’t like her so he scolds her always and decides not to spoil his mood going to his birthday. However Abhi convinces Vennila to come to Surya’s birthday saying Surya has good opinion on her and praised her when she won the elocution competition. Vennila gets glad hearing this.

Vennila prepares a greeting card for Sury to thank him for his help. Later Madhavan and his parents badmouth Vennila when they get to know that Vennila going to her professor’s birthday. Vennila defends herself saying she is going with her classmates.

Saradha is sad that she can’t be with her son, Surya on his birthday. She breaks down looking at his old childhood photo. Vennila comes to visit her. She tells Saradha about going to Surya’s birthday celebration in an oldage home. She tells that she misunderstood Surya with the way he treats his mom, but now she realized she’s wrong. Surya also have a soft heart which he hides from the world.

In the upcoming episode Surya will reach the old age home to celebrate his birthday. He will be surprised on seeing all the decorations made for him. Then his students will come there to wish him on his birthday. Surya will be surprised seeing them.

Will Vennila give Surya the greeting card that she made for him? How he will react?

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