I have been lucky to get challenging characters – Jia Shankar.

Jiya Shankar is lucky to get to essay diverse characters. After playing a Haryanvi gal in Kantelal and Sons, she will now fight a Pishachini in the Colors fantasy show by the same name.

Jiya enjoyed the initial Chail outdoor and is happy to get the Film city forest cover to shoot the show’s central part.
Jiya is having a blast shooting with co-stars Nyra Banerjee and Harsh Rajput. “Nyra’s room is next to mine, and I keep dropping her. “
I have been lucky to get challenging characters which have pushed the ( Queen and Kantlelal and Sons) actor within Pisachni is my first supernatural outing. “

Like most actors, Jiya too loves to make reels. “Right now, I dont have time, but once I get into the groove, I, too, will create content. “
In closing, Jiya believes that, like good, there also must be hostile powers, “so I dont discount the existence of the supernatural.

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