I was extremely shocked when I heard the news of Malvi’s attack: Aanushka Ramesh

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I was extremely shocked when I heard the news of Malvi's attack: Aanushka Ramesh

Actress Aanushka Ramesh, who will soon be seen in “Mangal Ho”, said that the news of an attack on fellow actor Malvi Malhotra disturbed her deeply. Malvi was stabbed by a knife multiple times by a film producer, and Aanushka said, “I was extremely shocked and saddened when I heard the news about her attack.”

Aanushka and Malvi were recently in Dubai for a calendar photoshoot and the former said that she started getting fearful thoughts after she got to know about the attack. “I spoke to her the day she landed, as I came back a few days before her. A common friend sent me the news of her attack and I couldn’t believe it because I had spoken to her just a day before. To see someone you know closely go through something like this shook me up. I started having terrifying thoughts that even being in a city like Mumbai we are not safe.”

But she is proud that the “Udaan” actress fought the situation and came out like a winner. She added, “It is not easy and takes great courage. We are in touch again now and I am extremely happy that her attacker was arrested. And I’m looking forward to our spending some fun times again after she fully recovers.”

Speaking of the photoshoot, Aanushka said that both Malvi and she bonded well during the shoot, and said, “We already knew each other from before as part of the same fraternity, but we connected on this shoot as we traveled together, stayed together, and bonded as friends.”

“We would have endless chats and gossips and even after the shoot, we hung out together doing shopping, jet ski rides, we had a blast. We even promised to stay in touch back in Mumbai,” she signed off.

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