I will encourage people to use as many natural products as possible : Amrita Prakash

Actress Amrita Prakash (Patiala Babes) is spending her time in quarantine as productively as she can. She has started posting online skin care tutorial for her fans and followers. When asked, she says,”I am not someone who likes to use too much makeup. I prefer showing my natural energy and beauty while keeping my skin healthy. I was getting a lot of requests on my social media asking me on how I maintain healthy skin.

On watching skin care videos by vloggers and makeup artists out there I realised most of them are pushing fancy and expensive products onto people. In my opinion, skin care does not have to be so expensive. Also, I only use cruelty free make up and skin care products. I wanted to share this idea with people who are unaware of the cruel animal testing that goes on behind their favourite brands. Surely, we don’t need to make animals suffer for our superficial needs.”

Speaking on her own mother and grand mother’s skin regime she adds,”My nani and my mom both have amazing skin. Their secret has been to only use natural remedies. I have incorporated their ideology into skin care routine. Thus, I use a lot of ‘ghar ke nuskhe’ along with natural and organic products.