I would love to do some good content on OTT- Sangita Ghosh

Colors show lead Sangita Gosh shared an exclusive talk on taking the show, embracing motherhood and more..

Hello Sangita,congratulations to begin with. How have you been embracing motherhood ?

1. Thank You for so much love and blessings for Devi. It feels amazing she is our blessing and she has changed our life.

How has it changed you?

2. Motherhood is brilliant its a blessing comes with a lot of responsibilities and you need to own up to it.

Its enriching.

Is it difficult for a working mother specially shooting in another city ?

3. It is very difficult to stay away from her…but i make efforts i go to Jaipur whenever i manage or she comes to me and then there are video calls…also the issue is because i love her so much even if she was around leaving her for even 5 mins is painful..she is my life totally.

Why did you take up Swaran Ghar ?

4.  The main reason swaranghar happened is because it is so relatable. I loved the simplicity of the story and character. I meet people who tell me something similar has happened to them at some given point. Life is unpredictable.

Swarans character made me fall in love with that. At an age when people plan retirement she begins to plan a life. Powerful to the core.

How do you choose a role for yourself?

5. For me to choose a role something inside me has to say yes. I need to feel it from within and then its a yes from me..its my gut.

What is your take on OTT content and would you like to consider doing OTT?

6. I watch a lot of OTT its a bouquet of content. I would love to do some good content on OTT so i do hope something comes my way as soon.

Whats the best part of OTT content as per you?

7. Best part of OTT is that the perfomance is so real plus the content is real too one can experiment on so many levels and its accepted widely.

A message to your fans

8. Thank you for loving me over the years the kind of love and support is just overwhelming. Keep smiling stay happy.