If I knew how to get high ratings, I would have become a TV producer- Rrahul Sudhir

Actor Rrahul Sudhir has turned into a businessman lately. He talks about his clothing business, his future plans, television, and more.

The actor was last seen in the Dabangii show. Check out the full interview here.

1. Your take on television shows these days, especially the fact that so many shut down in a few months—what could be the cause, as per you?

Low Ratings. A show mostly shuts down because of low ratings. If I knew how to get high ratings, I would have become a TV producer.

  1. One actor do you wish to share screenspace with?

Jennifer Winget

  1. Describe yourself if one had to put you in a box.

Frigid, lacklustre and lacking basic alacrity, perhaps dead.

  1. What is your worst nightmare?

To be unable to understand that I need growth and become complacent.

  1. You have started your own clothing line; how is it doing, and what are your plans for it in the future?

We are trying to build a customer base and need more of my time and energy. It is definitely slow, but steady. We are expecting a very positive future with our apparel and are sure to bring in some changes soon.

  1. Love to you is?

Something esoteric I know nothing about. I have only experienced it karmically with my family and relatives; otherwise, I am lost. Imagine not having a note in your repertoire and fatefully accepting that I might never know it.