IGLOO: ZEE5’s newest edition – a heart touching family drama

ZEE5’s IGLOO is a story that revolves around the lives of a single father raising his twin daughters on his own. Featuring Amzath Khan, Anju Kurain, Mathew Varghese and Jeeva Ravi, ZEE5’s IGLOO is spiced up with romance on the male protagonist Shiva’s part. Shiva, who is now a single parent to twin daughters – Aishu and Vaishu, has a heart-rendering emotional story as his wife meets a fatal accident ending up in a coma. The series is his journey of relentless struggles with his life post the tragic incident. Not only that, but the story also unfolds his mono-narrative summary of what his life, in a nutshell, is as Shiva tells everything about his marital life and the journey he partook with his wife (Ramya). 

Watch the amazing trailer of Igloo online

The trailer is now out on the ZEE5. The flashback play of moments of Shiva and Ramya in the trailer is notably nice. It all starts with his daughter questioning him why he never talks to them about their mother. The sudden question brings back all the memories buried down the memory lane for him as he recalls how far he has come from the day he married with Ramya. A melodious theme song plays in the background towards the end of the trailer that corners around how love is meant to hurt. 

ZEE5’s IGLOO raises a bar of curiosity where people will seek the connection of the story and the couple standing out of it with its title. Directed by Gautham Menon, this series subtly promises a superbly crafted emotional family drama that is typical but not a clichéd one. Director Gautham is well known for his commendable works with new talents in the industry and sure enough, it looks like the same goes with IGLOO.

The official teaser of the series was released on 7th of July which showcases few scenes accompanied by the soul soothing song from the movie. The drama is all set to unveil the full story on 17th of July. The wait is almost over now so we can take out a moment in our life to enjoy this relatable, ordinary yet beautiful family drama. 

Produced under Drumsticks productions, Arrol Corelli has composed the music and it is really appealing.

The storyline of the series is highly gripping. The initial plot is now up and by the looks of it, the climax is going to be one memorable web drama. Coming to the actors, each one them look perfectly moulded for their role and the play of emotions is empathically palpable. In the role of a single father, Amzath Khan is putting his best foot forward making the character look real. Actress Anju Kurain has aptly complimented the main protagonist with her supporting role. 

Check out the teaser if you haven’t watched it yet. Don’t forget to tune on ZEE5 on 17th  July to witness a blend of human emotions, struggles, familial conflict and bonding all at the same time.