Ikk Kudi Punjab Di 12th February 2024 Written Update: Ranjha lands in a difficult situation

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The episode starts with photographer informing Heer that he has transferred all the footage and pictures in a file but he is unable to email it so she should go in person to get it. Ranjha does videocall to Heer and she questions if he finally got time to call her back. He says he was waiting for right time. Heer tells that she has something important to talk to him and Ranjha says likewise. He calls her to location near their old haveli. Heer finds Ranjha’s behavior strange but decides to go so that she can talk about the murderer and get photos too .

Jarnail smirks overhearing their conversation. He calls someone to arrange a big balloon and takes out gun. Rajwinder stops Heer and interrogates where she is going. The latter tells she is going for meeting Jasmin as she is upset with the morning incident. Rajwinder tricks her with words and says she wanted to eat chole Kulche but everyone else is busy. Heer falls for her words and says she will cook it for. Jarnail calls Gurmeet and asks him to go to the location and instructs him not to take Jasmin along.

Gurmeet lies to Jasmin and leaves from there. Jarnail finds Heer in the kitchen and wonders why she is still there. Rajwinder comes and tells Jarnail she has asked Heer to cook as she was leaving to go to meet Jasmin. Jarnail against thinks of another plan. Teji comes to kitchen and compliments Heer for cooking so soon. She says her to leave to meet Jasmin. Heer reaches the location where Ranjha called her and finds its dark. Spotlight falls on her and flower petals are showered on her.

Ranjha comes to Heer and makes her wear bangles. He gets on knees and offers Heer a red rose confessing his love to her. She remains speechless so Ranjha asks if she will not say him anything. Heer jokes that she wants to slap him for taking to so long to admit his feelings. She accepts his confession and says she loves him a lot too. But all this turns out as Ranjha’s imagination. Heer actually comes there and Ranjha prepares to confess to her. He says he has to tell most important thing of his life to her. But before he can confess, Jarnail comes there with Atwals and Heer’s family too.

Jarnail bursts the balloon which makes all of Heer’s belongings kept in Ranjha’s box fall infront of all. Rajwinder start badmouthing Heer and argues with Navjot when she tries to defend Heer. Gurmeet wants to hit Ranjha but Beant stop him. Jarnail provokes everyone against Ranjha. Sartaj tells them to give a chance to Ranjha as he is pious and so is his friendship. He even says Ranjha to speak up. The episode ends with Jarnail demanding Ranjha to admit if he loves Heer and called her there to confess his feelings. He provokes Ranjha further and he ends up confessing that he loves Heer.

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