Ikk Kudi Punjab Di 21st March 2024 Written Update: Heer decides to confess to Ranjha

Ikk Kudi Punjab Di 21st March 2024 Written Update On TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Jasmin trying to convince Heer not to give up on Ranjha as he always thinks of others happiness above himself. Heer tells if she stops him, she will snatch happiness of Sunny and Simrit. Jasmin says that if she doesn’t not confess to Ranjha, all three lives will get spoiled including them and Teji. She requests Heer to atleast once confess to Jeet about her feelings and let him know how much she loves him. Heer agrees to do so.

Ranjha gets impatient and thinks he has to admit to Heer that he loves only her. He gets a note from Heer saying to meet her at their childhood spot. He smiles reading it. Heer gets ready and on other hand Ranjha also dresses well to meet Heer. Both of them get excited to tell their actual feelings to each other. Heer wears blue dress and thinks it’s Ranjha’s favorite color. Ranjha feels nervous but decides to confess to Heer. Someone is shown tearing the note off. Sunny and Simrit are running around when Simrit runs to storeroom and locks herself in. She tells everyone is bad and she doesn’t want to talk to anyone.

Ranjha comes to the place and finds it beautifully decorated. He wonders where Heer is. Ranjha thinks to light up candles. Sunny says both of them will never go to school. He questions if their father was a bad person and being taken to jail by police as they were being teased at school by everyone. Simrit says she will never go to school. Sartaj tries to break open the door. Simrit gets trapped inside and begs them to save her. She opens the window and tries to jump out of it.

Simrit begs to be saved. Rajwinder requests Heer to save Simrit. Heer calls Ranjha and asks him to immediately come to home. Ranjha worriedly drops the matchstick spoiling all the decorations. Rajwinder smirks seeing her plan successful. Ranjha says Simrit not to get scared as he will save her. Ranjha throws a rope and climbs up to the window. He holds Simrit and brings her down. Simrit tells Ranjha that everyone at school teases them saying their father was criminal. Ranjha makes them understand and consoles them properly. Sunny thinks of Jarnail and gets bad memories. He says Jarnail always scolded him.

Rajwinder again tells about Ranjha being most loving and caring as father for the kids. Heer cries silently and she thinks about the same. Sartaj scolds Rajwinder for pressurizing Ranjha and interfering in Heer and Ranjha’s lives. Sartaj says that he will bring back happiness in Ranjha’s life. He says both Ranjha and Heer have gone to meet each other so that they can talk their hearts out. Heer rushes to Ranjha and back hugs him. They confess to each other and Ranjha picks Heer up. The episode ends with Ranjha telling Heer that he will never let the kids get hurt.

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