Ikk Kudi Punjab Di 29th March 2024 Written Update: Teji tells Heer to become Ranjha’s bride

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The episode starts with Jarnail revealing he is alive and reveals his plan of confusing Heer and taking his revenge and shows how he planned to scare Heer. Heer thinks what is happening to her and is she really mad and why is she seeing ghost of Jarnail and she can’t understand what to do next. Heer thinks her childhood love will become a dream today and she will loose Jeet forever. Jeet comes dressed as a groom and Heer pretends to be glad and congratulates Jeet. Jeet asks Heer why is she here? Heer tells everyone thinks I am mad so I cannot come. Jeet tells you are my best friend you have to be present in my wedding and takes out a dress for Heer and tells this used to be his favorite color and she will have to wear it.

Jeet tells he is going to sacrifice his life because that is what Heer wants so she has to watch his destruction. Heer tells she wants to stop everything and tell everyone that he is but stops midway. Jeet asks Heer if that is how she feels? Heer tells it is not about us now but about the kids. Heer tells she would bear the pain of loosing her pain and love for the sake of kids but she is not strong and requests Jeet to forget what she just said. Jeet is about to leave but Heer stops Jeet and hugs him and cries. Jeet tells he will never forgive her for taking decision alone and sacrificing their happiness and now he cannot step back as he has promised everyone but she will have to watch his sacrifice. Jeet tells he is going to marry because of his promise but will break it if Heer doesn’t come to Gurudwara. Jeet reveals to Heer his name is Ranjha and he took the name Jeet because she called him so. Jeet tells Ranjha won’t take a step without Heer.

Sunny is making blog and tells Teji he is glad and will record everything. Teji tells the kids she is doing all this only for them. Jarnail overhears them and thinks Teji always supported Heer and now just few months after his death she is already ready for new marriage but she will regret it. Jeet reaches Gurudwara and prays to God today he is putting his entire life at his hands. Heer comes to Gurudwara and tells she had to be there as it is her best friends marriage. Rajvinder tells it is time and Teji might be here soon. Driver tells Teji that we had to take long route because or some accident.

Sartaj tries calling Teji but her phone is switched off. Jarnail is following Teji and thinks he has to reach Gurudwara anyhow before Teji. Rajvinder asks Heer she was behaving strangely from yesterday did she say anything to Teji? Heer says she didn’t do anything. Teji comes to Gurudwara with the bride dress in her hands. Everyone is shocked and asks why is having the bridal dress in her hand. Teji tells the bride will wear this dress and I am not the bride it is Heer and she will wear this dress. The

episode ends .

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