Ikk Kudi Punjab Di 30th January 2024  Written Update: Parneet locks Heer inside the bed

Ikk Kudi Punjab Di 30th January 2024  Written Update On TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Sunny and Simran coming to Teji. Maid informs Teji that Heer is not at her room. Heer is shown lying unconscious. Teji tells Heer never goes anywhere without informing anyone. Sartaj gets worried and says how it is possible that Heer is not seen anywhere but no one in the family knows about it. Ranjha comes there saying that Heer is neither at Atwal mansion nor she went to Beant’s house. He says how Heer’s life was threatened and it’s someone from the house.


Ranjha tells he will not leave the one who is trying to harm Heer. Rajwinder says why would they harm Heer. Ranjha tells how Heer is constantly facing problems since she has come to Atwal mansion. Jeet loses his patience and keeps saying that someone has intentionally kidnapped Heer. Jarnail thinks this time he didn’t do anything and wonders who this new enemy is. Parneet smirks seeing everyone worried for Heer. Ranjha with Sartaj and Teji look for Heer and find her footsteps in the garden area. Teji says only Heer wears such kind of footwear. Sunny tells Simran that ones they like go away from them. They start praying for Heer’s safety.

Parneet thinks how she misplaced the earrings and created the fake footsteps to misguide others. Heer is lying unconscious inside the bed. Ranjha gets the earring which Parneet had placed to misguide others. Ranjha says that since both earring and footsteps are so close that means it’s made intentionally to mislead them. He says one who has kidnapped is smart but he is sure as he recognises the earring is gifted to her by her friend but she did not like it so she never wore it. So someone has just picked it from Heer’s materials to mislead them.

Sartaj says this means Heer has actually been kidnapped. Tanya tells Ranjha to take lesser stress or else he will fall sick again. Rajwinder looks sternly at Jarnail but he says he has not done anything this time. Rajwinder wonders then who can do this from within Atwal house. Tanya is about to step on footsteps made by Parneet so Ranjha stops her. He tries to investigate around but Tanya acts like falling down so that Ranjha helps her but he tricks her and makes her get up on her own. Tanya gets frustrated and throws her footwear. Ranjha funds Heer’s sandals kept at the same place.

Ranjha comes with sandals and shows it to Sartaj and family members. Parneet tries to distract him. Rajwinder tells him to become part of police if he is so interested in investigations. Parneet gets worried when Ranjha insists of Heer being inside the house and says he wants to check everyone’s footwear. Everyone shows it but Parneet struggles to do so. However she shows it without being caught. Parneet goes to room and puts lock on bed inside which Heer is . Rajwinder tells that Heer and her family is making their family lose their dignity. Heer gains consciousness and bangs on the bed on which Sunny and Simran are sitting. The episode ends with kids getting surprised.

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