Ikk Kudi Punjab Di 4th April 2024 Written Update: Jeet motivates Heer to accept the reality

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The episode starts with the doctor informing to Jeet that Heer needs to take rest also she don’t have to be in the hospital but in the house with her loved one’s nearby her which can help her recovery. Jeet gets worried. Meanwhile, Jarnail speaks with someone in the call about Heer’s changed face. He then says to himself that he isn’t going to spare Heer.

Heer wakes up recalling her change in face. She breaks down in front of her family, expressing her agony of her changed face. Beant Singh advises Heer, followed by the entire family, who encourages her to try to accept her new face. Jeet makes Heer smile. He thinks in his mind that he will bring a real smile on her face soon.

Sartaj asks both Heer and Jeet to take rest. The entire family decides to leave the room, but Heer asks Jeet why he is staying with her. She also asks Jeet to go to his room to take rest. Everyone gets shocked. Jeet wonders in his mind why Heer is acting weird. Teji questions Heer’s suggestion to Jeet. She also informs Heer that her marriage with Jeet has taken place. She further asks whether she remembers her marriage with Jeet or not. Heer gets tensed. She then tells everyone that she is aware that both her and Jeet get married, but she doesn’t know when and how it happened. Jeet and the family members assure Heer everything will be fine soon. Rajwinder suggests Jeet to stay in a different room and she will take care of Heer. She then thinks in her mind to snatch Heer’s happiness at any cost.

Later, Navjot shares her fear with Beant Singh about Jeet and Heer’s relationship. Beant assures her that Jeet won’t leave Heer at any cost. Meanwhile, Jeet puts Heer in the bed. Once Heer falls asleep, Jeet recalls his wedding night with Heer. He gets upset and sad. The next day, Kavita’s behaviour upsets Heer, so she decides not to have breakfast with the family members. Teji arrives there. She then apologizes to Heer for Kavita’s behaviour. She also encourages Heer to have breakfast with the family members despite Heer’s firm denial not to have the breakfast. Teji advises Heer to slowly accept her new face , and eventually, everyone gets used to it. Just then, Jeet arrives there. He shows the mirror to Heer who pleads him not to make her look at her reflection but Jeet encourages her to adapt to this new normal in her life so that it will be easy for others to accept it too. Heer thanks then hugs Jeet. Teji leaves the place.

During breakfast, Heer gets uncomfortable with the servants behaviour towards her, which Jeet notices and scolds them. Rajwinder mocks Jeet in his mind. Both Sunny and Simran arrive there. They refuse to accept Heer’s new face. Heer gets upset. Rajwinder smirks, recalling how she manipulated her grandkids to meet Heer. Heer makes a statement about her bond with Sunny and Simran, which shocks both Teji and Jeet. Teji raises a question about the same to Jeet, but the latter says they have to be there for Heer as it’s not easy for her to accept this reality. The episode ends with Rajwinder determines to sabotage Heer’s life.

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