Ikk Kudi Punjab Di: Heer to sacrifice her happiness once again?

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Zee TV Entertainment’s show Ikk Kudi Punjab Di currently is showing how Rajwinder is manipulating everyone to get Ranjha married to Teji using kids as the pawn. Heer falling for the same decides to give up on her love.

In the previous episode, Jasmin requests Heer to atleast once confess to Jeet about her feelings and let him know how much she loves him. Heer agrees to do so. Simrit gets trapped inside and begs them to save her. She opens the window and tries to jump out of it.

Ranjha says Simrit not to get scared as he will save her. Ranjha throws a rope and climbs up to the window. He holds Simrit and brings her down. Simrit tells Ranjha that everyone at school teases them saying their father was criminal.

Rajwinder again tells about Ranjha being most loving and caring as father for the kids. Heer cries silently and she thinks about the same. Sartaj scolds Rajwinder for pressurizing Heer emotionally.

In the upcoming episode, Heer will deny her feelings infront of Ranjha and tell him that she has never loved him and he should understand it. Ranjha will be hurt badly and will accept to marry Teji. He will tell Heer that he will do as she wants and marry Teji infront of her. To know what’s happening next stay tuned to this space for more.