Imlie 10th February 2024 Written Update: Biswa gets a confession video of his father.

Imlie 10th February 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Imlie gets a threatening message that she will will have to come old factory otherwise he will kill Ashu.
Meanwhile the new office Surya Reddy explains his report to his senior who is a look alike of Agasyta. Surya Reddy takes charge as officer incharge in Purwaiya police station.

Imlie comes in the old factory to find Ashu and she meets Agasyta in the factory. Agasyta tells Imlie that he will save Ashu and he tells Imlie to go back but Imlie is determined that she will take Ashu. Imlie and Agastya hears the cries of Ashu and they came running to see. The killer points the knife on Ashu’s neck . Agasyta tells the killer that he will kill him now but the killer has gathered his other men also to kill them. Agasyta and Imlie decides to fight back together. Agasyta and Imlie attacks the goons and runs to hide themselves. Agasyta and Imlie starts argument with each other. Imlie tells Agastya that she didn’t hide anything from him but still she is considered to be a culprit. Agasyta tries to explain about his fake marriage but Imlie is not in the state to listen him. They both are trying to clear the doubts among each other and Imlie tells Agasyta that she didn’t push Amma ji from staircase. The killer tries to attack Imlie from behind but Agasyta saves her and runs away with Imlie. Agasyta sees that Imlie is crying and he tells her that Amma ji was after her that’s why he did the fake marriage with Binni. Imlie gets surprise to know about the fake marriage and she gets relax after hearing the news.

Agasyta tells Imlie that Binni will go when Amma ji will get totally fit. Imlie tells Agasyta that why he will leave Binni because Binni belongs from a reputated family but Agasyta tells Imlie that he loves some other girl. Imlie wants to know the name but they hears the cries of Ashu so they come out and got attack by the goons. Agasyta and Imlie feels down in the floor and she find that someone in the saree is standing. Agasyta and Imlie tries to see the face of that woman but they get unconscious.

Biswa searches his home to find the truth of the locket and he finds a cd with a photo album. Biswa sees the album and finds a picture of his mother in which she is wearing the same locket. Biswa finds an another cd also in which it’s written Tej Pratap. Biswa plays that cd and finds a confession footage of his father.

Imlie and Agastya wakes up. Imlie ask the killer that what they want from them. Imlie and Agastya finds a woman with the mask and she is Navya. Agasyta and Imlie get shocked to see the face of Navya.
Biswa finds that his father has accepted that the Chaudhary’s are not responsible for the blast in factory but infact he and Navya holds the responsibilities for killing many life in their factory. Biswa gets a shocked.
Navya tells Imlie and Agasyta that the story has started with them and will end with them. Navya tells them that why they are going to be killed.

Amma ji ask Binni that why she comes alone for the aarti. Binni tells Amma ji that Agasyta is not in the home since morning and he went away after a call. Govind tries to call Agasyta but his phone is unreachable.

Navya tells Bhola and his men to go outside and keeps the surveillance while she will kill both of them. Imlie tells Navya that she was the main mask killer but whys she wants to kill them. Navya tells Imlie that she controls the mask killer of Purwaiya.

Precap-Amma ji blames Imlie for Agasyta’s dead. Imlie is shattered that why Agasyta has left her.

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