Imlie 10th January 2023 Written Update: Imlie and Arto stay back in the village after the bride collapses

Imlie 10th January 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with an inspector saying that due to bridge collapse they can’t go home but have to stay in the village tonight. Chini finds it boring and criticises the mud smell and dirty place while Abhishek likes it. There Imlie and Arto talk to each other and Arto says Imlie could have shifted to any good place as she is rich, Imlie says she is attached to her roots and she won’t leave that. Arto gets happy to see her down to earth nature. Abhishek notices them and feels the love between them.

There Rudra talks to Sundar and learns Chini and Abhishek are also in pagdandiya and they can’t come back home tonight. Kia gets shocked to hear that. Imlie and Arto start making bed happily and Abhishek tells Chini they love each other. Chini says this is not love but they will get separated soon. Later she kicks a pot in anger seeing Arto forgot her easily.

Arto bumps into Chini and the latter asks him to stay away from her as she is with her fiance. Imlie decides to help Arto divert his mind from Chini. Imlie asks Arto to bring some veggies to make food. They create fire from some woods and feel the warmth. Arto brings some raw veggies and help Imlie prepare the food. He asks about how much salt he should add. Imlie teases him, and he says he likes her the way she is.

Imlie also serves food for Chini and Abhishek. Chini tells Abhishek to order some food for her without carbs. Abhishek says there’s no network here so no order is possible. He gives her a chocolate but she says she can’t eat it, it will ruin her figure. She says she is really uncomfortable here and Abhishek can’t see that. Imlie gives them food but Chini says it looks unhygienic and she doesn’t want to fall sick.

Abhishek accepts it happily and tells Imlie not to take Chini seriously. Imlie says she left this habit long ago. Chini asks him why he is appreciating Imlie, she knows how to treat her sister. Abhishek says Chini is only complaining since they came here and doing nothing. Chini says Imlie is rich not she. She can’t donate money in charity. He says they are not like minded so its not good if they marry each other. Chini should reconsider her decision.

Chini feels insecure and there Arto and Imlie spend time together. Arto says he doesn’t feel lonely when he is with Imlie. He asks Imlie that its tough to forgive him he can understand but can she tell him if she can try to do that and move on? Darmiya plays in background. Imlie tells Sundar they are leaving for home.

Sundar tells her to sort issues with Arto but Imlie says she is not ready to be with him. He says she knows how to make impossible into possible. Chini doesn’t leave the village with Abhishek and he goes to search for her. She thinks he cant make her happy as he likes to give away all money to poor people. She recalls how she got convinced by Anu to destroy Imlie. She says she will again impress Arto as the latter is rich and not less than Abhishek.

Chini knowingly bumps into Arto and flirts with him. She gives him mixed signals and he gets confused. Imlie thinks if Arto wants to start afresh with her in real. Chini says Abhishek left her alone in this village and Arto says he can give her lift. He asks her to sit in the back seat, not in the front seat. It belongs to Imlie only. Chini agrees. Later Imlie gets shocked upon finding Chini in Arto’s car.

Precap- Chini proposes Abhishek saying she fell in love with him and she didn’t realise how it happened. Arto gets upset and he gets down on his knees in front of Imlie and gives his hand. Chini hugs Abhishek and feels Arto will come back to her seeing her with Abhishek. But she gets shocked seeing Arto is approaching Imlie.

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