Imlie 10th June 2021 Written Update: Anu files complaint against Tripathis for torturing Malini

Imlie 10th June 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Aparna asking how can Aditya snatch Malini from them? Aditya says Malini will always be his friend and he didn’t want to make things dirty in future thats why he took the step. He didn’t want to take this decision by coming under any influence. Harish says someone has filed divorce for the first time in this house. Rupy says if Aditya and Malini won’t be happy with each other, why Tripathis are forcing them to feel guilty. Radha blames Malini for having affair but Aditya says he can’t tolerate anyone accusing Malini. He says he has also a reason to divorce Malini. He looks at Imlie. Pankaj asks him about the reason. Aditya says he will reveal on time. Aparna breaks down thinking Aditya’s life is destroyed. Pankaj consoles her.

Anu asks Malini about Kunal. Malini thinks she has to lie again. Anu says she supported Malini while Aditya was doing wrong. But this time Malini is wrong. She wont let that happen. Malini says then do you want me to in stay in a marriage where my husband doesn’t love me like how you are doing. Anu says I am not wrong in my place. Malini says sorry to her and adds Anu should not blame Imlie for her broken marriage. Malini says she is happy with Kunal. Anu disbelieves Malini’s story and thinks of punishing Aditya for cheating on Malini.

Imlie goes to talk to Aditya. He says he doesn’t want to listen to her if she wants to convince him for hiding the truth again. Imlie shows Aditya happy family photo and says she prays for Tripathis’ happiness daily. She promised Sita Maiya to make them happy always.

Aditya asks what do you want to say? Imlie says she is nowhere in the family photo. She says if Tripathis couldn’t accept Malini’s exit how will they be able to accept Imlie as daughter in law? Aditya says he can understand what Imlie is going through, but Imlie has to make her own position in the house not any situation wil decide that. Before their family get to know the truth from somewhere else they should reveal it to the family. Anu files complaint against Aditya.

Aditya leaves for work and tells bye to Imlie. Imlie says she will meet KC today. Later she bumps into Sundar and they tease each other. Anu tells Aparna how can they stay happily after torturing Malini. Aparna says they will discuss about the divorce later after Dev gets better. Anu says she wants to know what Aditya wants. He cheated on Malini and now wants to stay with maid.

Harish objects saying she can’t accuse Imlie like this. Radha says they can also blame Malini for having an affair. Anu says its all a lie, Malini has noone in her life. She calls the police. Police reveals there are charges like domestic violence and harassment against Tripathis as they tortured Malini. They have arrest warrant against Aditya too. Imlie says this is not truth, they should ask Malini. Anu says she won’t spare anyone who hurt Malini, Imlie will have to pay for it too.

Precap- Aditya tells Anu in lock up that he won’t tolerate if she utters a word against Imlie. Anu taunts Imlie saying look how you lover is worried for you. Imlie holds Anu’s hand tightly and says first Anu should understand what’s the difference between right or wrong.

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