Imlie 10th November 2022 Written Update: Arto decides not to hurt Imlie by revealing the truth

Imlie 10th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Imlie telling Arto about her mother’s importance in her life. How she celebrates her birthday with the orphan kids which Aryan adopted. Arto is impressed hearing that. He praises Imlie for her gesture and also appreciates her. Imlie says her mother was fire and she loves her a lot. Rupy thinks Arto is too shy. Chini thinks Arto is slowly falling Imlie and she can’t let that happen. The power goes off and Imlie looks for candle and accidentally Arto turns on the shower. Arto and Imlie get wet and share some close moment.

Chini coughs to divert their attention but Rupy asks her to get some rest. Imlie gives medicine to Chini and asks about her health. Chini says if she was so worried why didnt she come to check last night. Imlie says she checked and Chini was in deep sleep. Chini acts like she is jealous and Arto says he should stay close to Imlie at her house else her family will suspect him. Chini asks is he taunting her saying this is not her house? Arto says he didn’t mean that but he will tell Imlie their truth by evening but not during the party.

Kia tries to provoke Devika against Imlie saying Imlie is staying longer in her maternal home with her husband, this is not right. Even Arto is stuck there because of her. Devika shuts her up saying when a girl stays whole life at her husband’s home then how come it is bad when she stays for one or two days in her maternal home. Devika tells them to have progressive thoughts and Imlie is staying there as it’s her mother’s birthday today.

Imlie gets dressed up like a joker and entertains the kids. She interacts with them happily. Imlie introduces Arto as her husband when the kids ask about him. She makes him wear a ring which makes Chini jealous. She tells Arto when he will reveal the truth to Imlie? Why is he not taking the initiative? He says he doesn’t want to hurt Imlie on her mother’s birthday.

Imlie plays antakshari with the kids and later she dances with them. After sometime kids refuse to sing on Ma word, Imlie gets emotional and talks to her mother’s photo in her room saying the latter used to spread happiness only. Arto notices that and he plays DJ music for the kids.

Imlie gets happy and she cheers one crying kid who is missing his mother. Imlie says his mother is always around him, like she talks to her mother in dreams. She brings smile on his face and Imlie mentions Arto with whom she feels the comfort and security. Arto looks at her back saying she has become a puzzle for him and he doesn’t knows if she is bad or good but he likes her company.

Precap- Jatin warns Chini saying he will reveal her truth to Arto, Chini says Arto left Imlie and now he will never take her back to Rana house. Arto lifts up Imlie and goes inside the house.

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