Imlie 11th May 2022 Written Update: Aryan gets shot by an assassin

Imlie 11th May 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Aryan telling Imlie not to come out of the car, he keeps her phone in general mode and does things for her safety. He tells her to call him if she is in trouble. Imlie gets happy seeing his concern. He goes out of the car notices Madhav is standing. Aryan goes to him to take the evidence. He praises Madhav’s efforts and the latter says Imlie taught everything to him well. Madhav leaves and suddenly one assassin aims gun at Aryan and shoots him.

Aryan gets shot and falls down. Imlie notices him and rushes to him. The assassin comes to take the evidence from Aryan saying he can’t prove anything against Rehan Bhai. Aryan holds the evidence tightly and tells the assassin that even if I am dead, my wife won’t lose trust on me. Assassin is about to shoot him again but Imlie throws a stone at his face using her hairband. Local people come there and the assassin leaves after snatching the evidence somehow. Imlie holds Aryan in her arms and cries seeing him. She tells the people to call ambulance immediately. She touches his wound and gets heartbroken.

Aryan gets admitted to the ICU and Imlie recalls how he saved him from danger. She informs Narmada and the latter arrives at the hospital with family. Imlie breaks down to tears. Narmada says why her son is suffering this much everytime. Jyoti blames Imlie in mind and says her energy is not compatible to Aryan. Nila acts like crying and says if anything happens to Aryan who will take the responsibility of his family. Gudiya says Aryan doesn’t look good with the big bandage on his head. Narmada panics.

Jyoti takes Nila and Gudiya aside and says I know you don’t want Imlie in Aryan’s life. Jyoti says she wants the same. Nila and Gudiya deny at first but Jyoti says their actions speak everything and everyone knows in the family that they hate Imlie. Gudiya asks Jyoti why does she want Imlie and Aryan’s separation? Does she like Aryan too? Gudiya adds Jyoti is just his college friend but she knows Aryan from childhood so Aryan belongs to her only. Jyoti controls her anger and says ofcourse Aryan will be hers but for that they will have to listen to Jyoti’s plan. Nila agrees and they become partners.

Doctor says the bullet didn’t stay in the body but Aryan lost blood. He asks Imlie to arrange B negative blood. Imlie assures Narmada she will come back soon. She requests nurse and calls others for help. She talks to the person and pleads. She asks him to post about the blood group in social media. Narmada prays to God and Jyoti says she will give the answer to her not the Universe. She leaves.

Precap- Imlie tells Aryan to get up else she will die without him. She cries badly and he holds her hand. Imlie gets stuck in traffic with Madhav and she requests everyone to let her pass. Shock therapy is given to Aryan.

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