Imlie 11th November 2022 Written Update: Chini informs Rudra about Arto’s act

Imlie 11th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Imlie telling the kid that she feels safe around Atharv and she doesn’t miss her mother when he is with her. Arto feels he also likes Imlie’s company. Imlie then asks the kids to dance again and Arto joins them too. Arto and Imlie’s shoe laces get tied up with each other. They come closer and Chini feels jealous seeing them. She goes to the kitchen and start cutting veggies angrily.

Atharv stops her from hurting herself. She says she is not angry, she is just trying to cook food for the kids as Imlie is busy enjoying with them so who will feed them! Chini adds Imlie is childish but she is mature from childhood. She is concerned for the kids and she doesn’t have money to buy food for them so she is making food.

Atharv feels proud of Chini and says that’s why he loves her so much. He asks her about the dishes that have been made today. Chini feels nervous as she doesn’t know that. Imlie tells her mother’s favourite dishes which are in the menu today. Imlie asks Chini why she is here? Chini lies that she came to take water and leaves. Imlie tells Arto that she wants to make Chini the head of Bhaskar Times and she feels Chini is the right person to take this responsibility. Atharv is surprised to hear that and says it’s a good decision. Later he thinks he is doing wrong to both the sisters so he would tell the truth to Imlie without delay.

Imlie bids good bye to the kids and then she receives a call by Shivani. Shivani scolds her for staying at her maternal home with her husband without caring about Rana’s family image. She asks Imlie to come back immediately. Imlie gets upset and she tells Arto that she is packing her luggage and she hides what Shivani said to her.

Arto asks her not to do that as she is not going with him. She will stay here and he leaves saying that. Imlie runs behind him to stop him. She calls him to know what’s her fault. He says she helped many people but he can’t give her anything in return. He believes in love and she should ask for explainations for his action. He feels she won’t get the basic human rights like love and respect in his house so he left her. He hangs up and she thinks why he is behaving like that. If he heard her conversation with Shivani.

Chini says finally someone rejected Imlie and Rudra should know about this news. She phones him and taunts him as his efforts went to waste. Atharv left Imlie, Rudra gets shocked hearing that. Chini smiles thinking how would Rudra react. Arto is about to come inside the house but Rudra stops him at doorstep. He asks where is Imlie? If he left her there. Kia tells Shivani that maybe Arto and Imlie had a fight after Shivani rebuked her on call.

Arto says Rudra knows the reason already why he left her. He adds Rudra is coming between him and Chini. Imlie should stay somewhere when she will get love not here. Rudra says if Imlie doesn’t stay at Rana House then Arto won’t get the permission to stay here as well. Arto says Rudra is forcing him to do wrong thing. Rudra says Imlie will show him right path and he will be a better person. Atharv says he should trust his son like he trusts Imlie. He can handle himself. Rudra closes the door on his face and Atharv leaves being adamant.

Episode ends

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