Imlie 12th June 2021 Written Update: Nishant meets his ex girlfriend Pallavi

Imlie 12th June 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Harish getting upset. He thanks Imlie for saving them. Everyone says she must have faced problem while collecting the footage. Imlie says she has done all these for her family. Radha blames Malini for their situation. Aditya objects and says he is responsible for all these, he is sorry fo that. Aparna says why Aditya is blaming himself all the time. Aditya leaves. Rupy reveals tomorrow is Aditya’s birthday.

Imlie gets excited and says birthday comes once a year, they will celebrate it for sure. She will make all the preparations. Aparna says Aditya is sad, he won’t celebrate this year. Imlie says he will have to.

Anu asks Malini and Dev why they gave proof to Imlie against her. Why they betrayed her. Malini and Dev become clueless and ask her the whole thing. Anu reveals she filed case against Tripathis and they were put behind bars but Imlie blackmailed her to withdraw the case and saved them. Malini stands shocked and asks what the hell is wrong with you.

Tripathis always consoled me during tough times. It’s not their fault. She adds though Anu suffered a lot doesn’t mean she has the licence to misbehave with Imlie. It can’t be excuse to treat her this way. Dev is wrong not Imlie. She struggled a lot. Anu shuts Malini up and says she will destroy Imlie.

Imlie comes to her college canteen for taking the food she ordered. Nishant and Sundar accompany her. Imlie says their canteen food is best, they place the order very fast. Sundar and Imlie tease each other. Sundar sees student of the month Imlie poster and thinks she will study for one month in the college. Imlie runs to hit him after hearing it.

Nishant asks about the order. They mistakenly give him tamarind and later one girl named Pallavi gives the food items to Nishant and he gets shocked to see her. They stare at each other. Imlie and Sundar come to take the food. Nishant says he is taking the guarantee that the food taste will be good. Seeing their face expressions Imlie gets suspicious. She sees Pallavi’s card and gets to know her name.

Malini thinks for the first time she didnt plan anything for Aditya’s birthday. She gets lawyer’s call and says she will inform Aditya that their divorce date will get finalised soon. Malini takes off her mangalsutra and sindoor. She gets emotional recalling her wedding with Aditya. Aditya asks Aparna why everyone is not having the breakfast together.

Aparna says she went through so much pain to give birth to Aditya but he forgot his birthday. Aditya goes to hall and everyone pampers him and tells him to watch TV with family members. Aditya gets surprised. Imlie plays the role of a reporter and wishes Aditya in unique way and teases him saying he is arrogant.

Aditya smiles. Everyone enjoys the hilarious scene. Later everyone wishes happy birthday to Aditya and Rupy says it was all Imlie’s idea. Aditya cuts the cake and feed everyone. He is about to feed the cake to Imlie but doorbell rings. Malini comes in Tripathi house.

Precap- Aditya wants promise from Imlie to reveal the truth. They go to talk to Tripathis, Aditya says he wants to share something regarding him, not about Malini.

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