Imlie 12th November 2022 Written Update: Imlie’s life in danger

Imlie 12th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Imlie telling Arpita that she can’t lie to her but Arto got upset and left without her due to some problem. Rudra calls Imlie and says he knows what Arto did to her so he didn’t let him come in. If his son can’t respect his wife then he won’t have the right to stay here too. Imlie assures Rudra that she will be back with Arto and he will come to take her after he will calm down his anger. Imlie decides to go to Atharv, there Chini thinks now she will give her shoulder to Arto to show fake concern for him. He will get impressed. She eats food thinking she might not get food near Arto.

Imlie tells Arpita that she can’t eat as Arto didn’t anything yet. She will eat with him only. She leaves and Chini gets Jatin’s call who asks for more money. Chini shuts him up saying he can’t blackmail her all the time else there will be consequences. She won’t give him money anymore. Jatin feels Chini is planning something big thus she is ignoring him. He decides to find out. Arto learns his father cut the electricity in his DJ studio. He gets frustrated and Chini closes his eyes from behind. Arto lifts her up out of happiness. She says she couldn’t stop herself from coming. She is worried for him, she tells him to turn on the AC but he says what Rudra did. Chini acts like feeling dizzy and he worries for her. He tells her to go back home and take rest.

Chini leaves after doing melodrama when he insists. Arto sees a light and assumes that’s surely Chini who couldn’t leave him alone in darkness. He finds Imlie and gets surprised. She says he must be upset because of Shivani and her argument. But she is here to sort the issues. She thinks he also didnt go home as she didn’t. Arto tries to explain Rudra threw him out as he went there already. But before that Imlie opens the window and a cool breeze make them feel relieved.

Imlie explains home and family are everything for her. If she goes wrong her family will show her the right path. She feels the freedom with them. Imlie gives food to Arto and tells him to eat with her. Arto tries to clear out why he left her but she asks him to first fill his stomach as he is hungry. Chini finds Jatin outside and gets shocked.

Imlie looks at Arto who is eating, she thinks he respects her choice and opinion alot. She touches his guitar and asks if the wires get broken what will happen. Arto says he talks to the musical instrument and it feels like a home for him. He learned a lot here but his own family didn’t understand her love for music. Imlie says he has two families. She adds just because of wires are broken bond should not be broken. Imlie hugs Arto hearing cat voice. He finds it funny and Imlie says she will try to fix the fuse. He goes to help her.

Chini gets scared thinking If Jatin and Arto see each other then things will get worse. Jatin sees the studio and thinks because of Arto Chini broke her marriage with him. Jatin tries to set his studio on fire to take revenge. Arto asks Chini why she is still here? Chini says she wants to go with him and they realise the studio caught fire. Arto goes to save Imlie as she is inside. He asks Chini to call the fire brigade. Imlie turns on the lights and gets afraid seeing the fire. She screams Arto’s name for help.

Episode ends

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