Imlie 13th May 2021 Written Update: Malini gets shocked to learn that Aditya and Imlie are married

Imlie 13th May 2021 Written Update on

The Episode starts with Imlie getting upset over the fact that Aditya and Malini will again come closer, but what about the things between me and Babusaheb? Aditya tells Malini it’s time to tell the truth. Malini tells God to give her strength so that she can hear the truth. Malini asks him finally you will confess. Aditya says the truth is I love Imlie, she also loves me.

Malini stands shocked. Aditya tries to proceed further what happened in Pagdandiya but Malini says don’t tell anything. I don’t want you to justify your cheap action. You are not that person I used to love. I used love your commitment, your honesty but you are liar and a weak person. We had seven years of relationship, atleast you could give respect to our friendship. But you are like other men. Aditya says don’t accuse me without knowing the truth.

Malini says I considered Imlie as my sister, she looks so innocent but a great actress too. You must have other extramarital affairs too. Imlie is not your first mistress. I shared everything with her now I have to share my husband with her too! Aditya defends Imlie. Malini says you felt bad for Imlie? You didn’t even think once then how do you expect me to stay quiet. Aditya shouts at her that she is not right. Malini says I can take you to court for cheating on me. I am your legal wife. Aditya says Imlie is my first wife, not you. Malini stands shocked. Aditya says please hear the whole truth.

Imlie becomes determined saying she won’t tolerate humiliation anymore. She decides to go back to Pagdandiya. Imlie says she will return after she will have money, name and fame so that she can give reply to everybody. Imlie packs her bag.

Malini sits devastated. She says this can’t be true. She tells Aditya tell me the truth. Aditya shares everything. He says when he went to Pagdandiya to cover Satyakam’s story mishaps started and one day the angry villagers forcibly told me to marry Imlie and we got married. Aditya adds he never thought of giving Malini’s place to anyone but it was just a forceful marriage. Later things changed and now he wants to support Imlie and wants to give her the rights she never asked for. Imlie believed in the marriage which I never accepted. She accepted my rudeness. Now I don’t her to suffer. Malini gets emotional. Imlie comes out of the house.

Malini thinks her relationship with Aditya has no meaning. Imlie gave her husband to me. She sacrificed her marriage and didn’t ask for her Rights. Third person is me not Imlie. That’s why she won Aditya’s heart. Aditya feels relaxed after confessing the truth. He thinks after a long time he feels like he rectified his mistake. Now Imlie will get her right. Aditya’s car passes by Imlie. But they don’t see each other.

Imlie thinks if noone in the city accepts me then why shall I bear all the pain. (One voiceover is heard) Imlie reaches bus stop and gets shocked seeing Satyakam and Meethi. Meethi asks her what happened to you? Imlie asks her why you two came here? Satyakam says we are here to know the truth. Meethi says the truth should be exposed. Imlie says I also can’t stay quiet after years of silence. She asks Meethi what’s her father’s name? Meethi gets shocked.

Precap- Satyakam’s men beat up Aditya. He holds Aditya at gun point.

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