Imlie 13th November 2022 Written Update: Arto takes Imlie back to Rana Mansion

Imlie 13th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Arto telling Chini that Imlie is in the studio, she is stuck due to fire. Arto gets inside by removing some stuffs. He holds Imlie’s hand and tries to leave. Imlie stops and takes Arto’s instruments saying these are his life and she will save them by even risking her life. Arto says they don’t have time, they have to leave right now. Before Imlie comes to him one burning stuff falls in between them. They fall down and Arto finally saves her like a hero and gives his hand to her. She holds it.

Arto tells Imlie that he stood up for her at the party so she returned this favour to him, but what would he do for her now ? Imlie says he can be there for her always. Arto replies that he can’t do, he can’t stay with her. She asks why! He diverts the topic but he again gathers courage to tell her that he doesn’t love her and she says they should sort out their issues after going back home. She falters and he lifts her up.

Chini scolds Jatin for his stupid act like a psycho. Jatin says he knows she loves Arto for his money so she doesn’t care if anything happens to him. Chini says but if her love story remains incomplete because of Jatin, he won’t be spared. She refuses to give him extra money to which Jatin blackmails her showing her and Arto’s intimate pictures. Chini reacts like she doesn’t care and she says Arto will leave Imlie today and won’t be back together with her so using these photo for blackmailing won’t work. Jatin gets irked and Chini asks him to send her the photos too.

Atharv takes back Imlie to Rana Mansion and Rudra worries for her seeing her state. Arto says he learned that Rudra only cut the electricity and Imlie was trying to fix the problem. Shivani and Divya taunt Imlie saying she always lands in trouble because of her jinx. Arto defends her, Rudra gets happy and tells Imlie that he feels his son is changing slowly. Kia instigates Shivani saying everyone including Arto is taking Imlie’s side. Imlie and Arto talk to Sundar, Rupy and Arpita over call. They get tensed hearing about the fire accident. Arto says Imlie saved him actually and he is thankful for that. Imlie’s family advises her to take care of herself and cuts the call. Imlie says she is fine. Chini comes back home and acts like she had no idea Imlie was in danger. She tries to go to room to see Imlie but Rupy says she already went to Rana Mansion after Pathphera.

Arto goes to take water for Imlie and Chini comes to meet him. Arto goes to her and she asks him what Imlie is doing in his house? Arto gets mad at her for leaving him alone there without even asking about how is he when it was her duty. Chini starts her drama saying how could to come in front of Imlie that time to meet him. They would have get caught. But she was the one who called the fire brigade. Arto feels guilty and hugs her saying sorry. Chini says she asked him about Imlie rudely but the latter gets everything that belongs to Chini. Arto says maybe she misunderstood Imlie as the latter’s actions are exactly opposite how Chini thinks about her. Chini asks him angrily who is more important for him she or Imlie.

Precap- Kia tells Chini that she executed her plan very cleverly. Chini replies Imlie wont let her leave now. Imlie and Arto come and tell Chini to leave the house which shocks her

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